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Grandmother Birthday Gifts

Grandmothers are the most loved and adorable members of the family. They are the ones who save you any trouble you may get into with your parents. They spoil and pamper you. Her warm smile, cookies and hugs make you feel so very happy in her cocoon. It is very rightfully said, “If mom says no ask grand mom”. You can never hear 'no' from them. But what you always do get hear are those lovely, interesting stories of her childhood or your parents. She tells those stories which take you into a world away from here; a world of fairies, fantasy, princes, princesses, castle and happily ever after.For this special member of the family there has to be an extra special grandmother birthday gifts. If you are finding it difficult to decide what to buy her then we can give you some ideas for her special day.
Photo Album

Gift her a photo album or photo frame where she can add pictures of her family and keep them close to her and look at them whenever she misses them.

Coffee Mug

A nice coffee or tea mug with a picture of her family on it is a perfect gift for her to sip her hot beverage and look at the picture as well.


You can even write her a nice poem (that is if you are the poet kinds, even if you are not she will still love it). Get it nicely framed for her to put it where she can read it often.


You can buy her flowers, a perfume, chocolates (its fine o pamper her with chocolates sometimes) a book she might enjoy reading and put it all in a beautiful basket.

Birthday Newspaper

A birthday newspaper is another interesting option. It is nothing but a customized newspaper of the year your grandma was born in. She will enjoy reading the events that happened on the day she was born. You can get it framed for her to put it on the wall of her house.

Jewelery box

You can buy her an elegant pair of earrings or a jewelery box for her to keep her small trinkets that she keeps forgetting here and there in.

Chain for Spectacles

If she keeps forgetting her spectacles here and there and then spends half a day looking for them then you can also buy her a sleek chain for her spectacles. It can be attached to the specs and when they are not on her eyes thsy can keep hanging in front of her. She will really appreciate this help.

Hope the list helps you decide what you plan to gift your grandmother on her birthday. Something unique, sweet and thoughtful will definitely put a smile on her face.

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