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Home » Gift Ideas » Birthday Gift Ideas » Capricorn Birthday Horoscopes

Capricorn Birthday Horoscopes

Capricon Birthday Cards
Birthday CardBirthday Card
The Goat is the symbol that represents the sun sign Capricorn. It is the 10th zodiac sign. Capricorn birthday horoscopes say that from 22nd December to 20th January, sun stays at this sun sign. More precisely it can be said that they are like tortoise that move slowly and yet reach its target. They are friendly and it is their adaptable nature that helps them in merging with groups comprising people from different fields. They have a very pleasant personality and convincing appearance. The first thing that will attract you about these people is their soothing voice.Air of seriousness and melancholy seem to surround them always. They have the capability of dealing with failures as they take it very prudently and lightly. Want to know more? Then simply have a look!
Horoscopes of Capricorn
Just like the other zodiac signs, birthday horoscopes of Capricorn suggest that these people carry a positive attitude and that is what makes them extremely humble. They are stubborn and are thorough perfectionists. They are dependable and generally one can rely on them for any sort of help and guidance. They can handle the toughest of situations with complete ease. They are the seekers of limelight. They are defined as the harmless people and are incapable of doing any harm to the people. They are much focused and know it very well where they have to reach. They persistently move towards their goal and nothing can disrupt their mind from their decision.

Strengths of Capricorn
The basic qualities or strengths of a Capricorn consist of their hard working nature and their loyal sincere attitude. They are the responsible ones and reliable is the term that can appositely define their nature. Their strong will power and resolved nature helps them in overcoming all types of difficulties. They learn from their failures and mistakes and with time emerge as a strong person. Their most wonderful quality is their adaptable nature. They are not the day-dreamers. They are above idleness, obsession, envy and negligence. They feel that these things are the obstacles in the way of success. They are the romantic ones and emotional. But their emotions do not drive them away from the practicalities of life. They have a good sense of humor and it is the best quality of the people born under this zodiac sign. They have not learnt to give up that easily and they will keep on fighting till the end.

Weaknesses of Capricorn
They are introvert and cannot accept authority very easily. They are short tempered too and a bit obstinate. They have the habit of keeping too much at their hands. It means that planning and executing all the tasks simultaneously lead to excessive mental pressure. They also have this disappointing attitude that actually upsets the other people. They have a sort of domineering nature, which they need to change.

Personality Traits of Capricorn
You will find the Capricorns extremely sweet and caring. They are shy, obstinate and trustworthy. You can trust them blindly. They handle every type of situation very meticulously and very responsibly. If a Capricorn is around you, there is no need to worry about anything as you can remain assured that they will handle everything.

Lucky Colors of Capricorns : Indigo, Earth Tones, Orange and Black

Lucky Flowers of Capricorns : Amaranthus and Ivy

Lucky Day of Capricorns : Saturday

Lucky Stone of Capricorns : Garnet

Ruling Planet of Capricorns : Saturn

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