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Birthday Banners

Birthday celebrations are incomplete without birthday cakes, birthday candles, balloons, flowers and birthday banners. Birthday banners add some charm and spirit to birthday celebrations. Big and bold birthday banners are a hit in birthday celebrations. You can use the birthday banners in the celebrations of 1st birthday, 20th birthday, 35th birthday, 40th or 50th birthday. Birthday banners not only enhance the decorative aspect of birthday celebrations but also are a great birthday gift idea.

Big birthday banners create a big impression and can be termed as an excellent and inexpensive way of creating delightful impression in birthday celebrations.

You can always surprise the birthday boy/girl with personalized happy birthday banners. A birthday banner with some wonderful messages are not only meant for the decoration purpose but also are a good birthday gift option.

Birthday banner increases the decoration aspect of the birthday events and can be placed or attached anywhere, over the birthday cake table, doors, walls, windows, etc. in fact, a birthday banner with custom words serves more than just the decoration purpose.
Happy Birthday banners:
Birthday banners are available in various shapes, designs and styles. Dinosaur birthday banners, wizard birthday banners, or birthday banners representing famous cartoon characters are a big hit among the kids. Carton character inspired birthday banners are an appropriate one for celebrating kid's birthday. The cartoon character inspired birthday banners are just perfect for both inside and outside decorations. You can always add a personalized touch to the birthday banners to add more color and charm to the celebrations of your kid's big day. To make the birthday banner more attractive, just add or attach the photograph of the birthday boy/girl.

A little bit of personalized touch are always welcome to make the birthday banners more effective. You can also add some text messages or lines of good luck wishes to make the birthday banners more touchy.
A few handwritten lines or a little hand painting will be appreciated by everyone. The efforts that you give in making the birthday banners a personalized touch always worth something huge to our near and dear ones.

Birthday party banners:
Nowadays, birthday banners are available in numerous themes. So, you can conveniently choose those birthday banners that suit the theme of your birthday party. Generally, birthday banners differ in terms of age group. For instance, a child birthday party banner will differ from that of teen birthday party banners, which will again differ from an adult birthday party banners.

Variant uses of birthday banners:
Birthday banners are basically meant for birthday party decorations. You can use the birthday banners in more ways than one. It would be better if you try to match the color of the birthday banner with the birthday party theme. You can also use the same birthday banner every year in the birthday party celebrations as a part of the family birthday tradition. Here are some of the variant ways of using birthday banners -
  • You can hang a birthday banner above the bed of your child, in order to greet him the moment he wakes up.
  • You can place the birthday banner exactly just over the cake or food table.
  • You can attach a mini and attractive birthday banner to your baby's chair on his/her first birthday.
  • You can drape or place a birthday banner from the fireplace mantle and arrange all the gift items below that banner to create the central attraction or focal point of the birthday party.
Homemade birthday banners:
You can bring some innovation to the birthday celebrations of your near and dear ones. Homemade birthday banners are a great option of birthday party decorations. Birthday banners can be very beautifully simple as well as can be exquisitely elaborate. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that birthday banners are one of the easy decorative idea of birthday celebrations.

You can make a birthday party banner by using scrapbook paper. For that all you need is some 5 sheets of scrapbook paper of your choice, some 8 sheets of card stock in solid colors that will match the patterned scrapbook paper. Paper cutter, rulers, matching ribbons, computer and printer. The making procedure is really simple. First cut the scrapbook papers into equal quarters by using a paper cutter. Then choose a font to use for the word processing program. Print out the letters 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY', by using a solid color. You can either use black ink or any other fun bright color to coordinate with the patterned paper. Trim each letter in equal size, then attach one letter to the patterned sheet each at equal quarter distance. Then make two holes in the top of the paper. Attach the ribbon and your birthday banner is ready. Hang it anywhere to make the decoration of your birthday party more attractive.
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