Friendship Day Cards

Some people come ...
Friend like you

Friends are the ones we select among the crowd. Express your love for them in a special way. Send them these beautiful Friendship Day Cards and say Happy Friendship Day.

 The gift of true friendshipTreasure your friendship
Bosom friends
Today and always...
Staying together forever
For a precious companion
A fabulous birthday
For my boon companion
For my confidant
For my bosom pal
Loyal chums
Two best friends
Three gossipy friends
Bonds of friendship
For a priceless friend
Friends keeping secrets
Naughty little friends
It is you whomTwo adorable pals
Best Friends CardA true ally
Most beautiful flowerA wonderful friendship
You Are There Lasting friendship
Friendship isn't time-bound
Creating the special bond
Your friendship is precious
A true promise
Just KiddingAwesome buddies
Best friendsCool gamesome pals
I will always be thereSharing great moments
Faithful friendsOur friendship is thrilling
A priceless friend
True friends
Won's forget you
Say sorry to someoneSorry for my mistake
Please forgive meTwo apologetic pals
The best buddies
Love you always
Happy Friendship DaySunshine in my life
Remember me forever
Friendship is heavenly
The warmth of friendship
Sayings CardBe there always
Healthy friendship
Miss You Friend CardI miss you
Hope you were here
Missing You Friend CardMissing the happiness
Memories never fade