Last Updated: 10th July, 2019

Friendship Day Activities

Touch your life with the magic wand of friendship and celebrate Friendship Day to honor and realize the importance of friends in our lives. Friends usually indulge in a lot of Friendship day activities to spend some quality time with each other. The main idea is to have fun and seize an opportunity to make your friends feel special.

Activities on Friendship day

  • Friendship day is a time to remember all old friends with whom you have lost touch. On this special day, just extend your wishes to your friends by sending them a cute friendship message and they will be pleasantly surprised. They will be thrilled to see that you still remember and you care.

  • You could also write about your friend on your blog and let him/her know how much you care.

  • The usual trend these days is to call up a radio station and devote a song for your friend on this special Friendship Day. Let the world know about your friendship and how important he/she is in your life.

  • In this world of busy schedules, it is of utmost importance to spend some time with your friend. So, it's wise to get movie tickets for yourselves and enjoy a show together.

  • Try to make a small gesture by presenting flowers, chocolates, friendship bands, cakes, or anything that your friend likes.

  • Scout for a simple idea to make your friends feel special by making a friendship day card and incorporate few lines for your friends.

  • You could also make a Friendship Bracelet symbolizing friendship. Instill your affection and thoughtfulness while making it and your friend shall be thoroughly impressed.

  • Make an album for yourself by carefully selecting snaps of the best moments that you guys have spent with each other. Doing this would help you reminisce the past and live the bygone memories.

  • You can make beautiful decorative friendship poster, writing your name and your friends' names on it.

  • You can share cards from our extensive cards collection with your friends from Friendship Day Cards

  • Send friendship day messages from link. You can also post it on all social networking sites and your blogs.

  • Plant some saplings. Gift saplings with ready pot with your friend's name as the plant's name.

  • Plan a picnic and invite your closest buddies.

  • Send heartwarming poems to your friends from Dgreetings
    Friendship Poems

  • Try to connect with those old friends, you haven't spoken to in ages, through social media sites.
Involve yourself in these interesting Friendship day activities and celebrate Friendship day in a manner that both of you shall remember for days to come.