Wild Flower

Wild flowers as their name suggests, grow in the wild. These lovely flowers have not been planted or cultivated by anyone. Wild flowers grow on their own, by means of naturalization, where they regenerate naturally. These are widely found all over North America. The wild flowers that are indigenous are called 'natives', they belong to that region. The ones that have not originated where they were found are called 'naturalized'. These flowers originally belong to some other continent or region.

There are many kinds of flowers in the wilderness. Flowers in the wild can be seasonal or perennial. Some Wildflowers are annual and they grow once a year, like the African Daises, Baby's Breath, Baby Blue Eyes, and the Snapdragon. A few wildflowers are biennial and have a life cycle of two years, for example the Black Eyed Susan.

Wildflowers have been around for centuries, Native Americans have been using them for their medicinal qualities. Some of these wildflowers have curative qualities and provide herbal remedies. Some such flowers are the Trout Lily, Bloodroot, Marsh Marigold, Turtlehead, Evening Primrose, etc. These wild plants treat ailments like cough, cold, fever, skin problems, obesity and stomach problems.

Beautiful Wild flowers have been enchanting man since time immemorial. There are many magical and mysterious stories associated with wild flowers. Wildflower folklore tells tales of black magic, love, passion, magical and curative brews and potions. Many of these stories have been generated by word of mouth. They add to the romantic and mesmerizing nature of these wild blooms. Wild flowers are weaved into Native American history. Many of their names are suggestive of this fact. Names of wild flowers have been created from European and American legends.

Some of the most popular wild flowers are the Poppy, Bluebell, Orchids, Snapdragon, Forget-me-not, Daisy, Mint, Aster, Primrose, Wallflower and Zinnia. Florists create beautiful wildflower garlands, wildflower bouquets, wildflower Centerpieces, etc. Even a simple bunch of loose wildflowers can brighten up any room, and impart some of its wild essence.

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