Wildflower Tattoos

Since Neolithic Age, tattoo has been popular among several human races and tribes. In ancient times, tattoo making was considered sacred and was a part of several sacred ceremonies. But in modern times, tattooing your body is a form of art and is considered the coolest form of style and fashion. Body tattoo can have many themes, each signifying a meaning. But the most interesting amongst them is wild flower tattoo.

Wild flower tattoos are more popular among women than men. Although every wild flower has a separate meaning, wild flower tattoos in general symbolize femininity. Wild flower tattoo has a mysterious charm about them. Wild flower tattoos when done properly with the correct color combination tend to look almost magical and add a touch of subtle beauty to its possessor.

Most of the tattoo parlors experiment with tattoo designs. So many creative artists have created wonders by making wild flower tattoos in Chinese, Japanese, Oriental, Tropical and Hawaiian styles. Wild flower tattoos look best when done on ankle or foot and lower back. However, wild flower tattoo is not a good option as a belly button design.

Wild flower tattoo looks excellent when combined with crosses, butterflies, fairies or different types of birds. Hummingbird and wild flowers, is probably the best combination. However wild flower tattoo does not look good with heart emblems. Whether your wild flower tattoo will be sinister or romantic will depend entirely on your tattoo artist. With a little bit of creativity the same wild flower can be used to evoke an array of meanings.

Some of the common wild flowers tattoo themes are blue eyes, daisies, celandine, ground ivy, poppy, wild sunflower, prim rose, snowdrop and wild daffodil. The best thing about wild flower tattoo is that unlike other flower tattoos like rose flower tattoo or lotus flower tattoo, Wild flower tattoo is rarer and less common. There are many other articles on flower tattoos in Dgreetings.com and you can go through them before getting your own flower tattoo done.