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Japanese Flower Tattoos

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Japanese culture has always mystified the world at large. Japanese traditions and customs are fascinating to the western world. Japan is a land of great beauty and great history. We can also see a touch of Japan in the tattoo world. Japanese tattoos are extremely popular tattoo designs; they are one of the most tattooed art forms. Among the range of Japanese tattoos, the most famous ones are the Japanese flower tattoos.

Japanese tattoos, otherwise known as 'Horimono' or 'Irezumi' date back to as early as 5,000 B.C. This ancient art form has taken a new shape in today's tattoo art world. Beautiful Japanese flower tattoos are seen tattooed on skin as a single large design or in combination with other kinds of tattoos. The tattoos which complement Japanese flower tattoos are Koi fish tattoos, Japanese samurai tattoos and Japanese dragons. Apart from Japanese tattoos, many tribal tattoos also look very beautiful in combination.
  • The most popular Japanese flower tattoos are:-
    • Cherry Blossom Tattoos
    • Lotus Flower Tattoos
    • Magnolia Flower Tattoos
    • Daphne Flower Tattoos
    • Camellia Flower Tattoos
    • Plum Flower Tattoo
    • Peony Flower Tattoo
    Japanese tattoos depicting flowers or landscape are inspired from nature itself; Japanese nature tattoos are a reflection of the flora in Japan. Japanese tattoos and Japanese flower tattoos are not just meant for decorating the body; they have a profound philosophy and deep meaning behind each design. For instance the cherry blossom symbolizes transience and the beauty in breakdown. The exquisite beauty and the short life of the cherry blossom get translated into tattoo. Therefore a cherry blossom tattoo has great meaning for those who etch it on their skin; it serves as a permanent reminder of a bad past which has been overshadowed by the hope of a beautiful future. Other Japanese flowers like the Lotus symbolize estranged love and yearning; it has a mythical reference also.

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