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Japanese Flower Meanings

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"Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into." ~Henry Beecher~

Flowers are an integral part of Japanese culture. Beautiful Japanese flowers are seen in traditional and modern Japanese paintings, Japanese clothes like the kimono, in Japanese art work and Japanese Manga. Therefore we can see that flowers have captured the soul of Japan. Such a prevalence of flowers in old cultural Japan and modern, fast paced Japan shows how important flowers are to the Japanese!
  • Flowers have secret and special meanings and the Japanese term for the language of flowers is Hanakotoba. It is important to know the meanings of Japanese flowers for a number of reasons. If you plan to get a Japanese flower tattoo etched on your skin it should not symbolize something strange and unwanted; knowing the meaning of Japanese flowers will overcome this problem. If you are planning to gift someone a Japanese flower bouquet or if you plan to incorporate Japanese flowers for some occasion in your home, knowledge of Japanese flower meanings is important. Another major area where the knowledge of the meaning of Japanese flowers is essential is in Japanese flower arrangement

    Japanese flower meanings are different from western flower meanings. In Japan the most famous flowers are the cherry blossom flower; they are also known as the sakura blossoms. They symbolize transience as they are very beautiful and have a very short life span. The philosophy of the Samurai warriors coincides with this as they lead a life of glory which is very short.

    The plum blossom is another important flower. It symbolizes age and youth; the contrast between its knotted barks and beautiful blossoms show that despite age, beauty can blossom. The lotus flower grows in swamps and among filth; however, despite this, it is a beautiful flower. The Japanese meaning of the lotus flower is immortality and purity.

    The peony is a flower favored by the upper classes in Japan; this is known as the twenty day flower and is a symbol of prosperity. The chrysanthemum is the flower that survives the longest and is the symbol of longevity. The pine is the noblest and hardiest of the evergreens symbolizing health and strong old age.

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