Japanese Wonder Flowers

Japan, the land of the rising sun, abounds in many colorful flowers. The whole landscape is covered with flowers giving a distinct natural character to Japan. These flowers are not only beautiful but have an important role in the Japanese culture too. These wonderful Japanese flowers are used for all ceremonies and for religious purposes also. Japanese wonder flowers are beauty redefined.

The famous of all Japanese wonder flowers is a cherry blossom or sakura in Japanese language. Its popularity has made the Japanese people regard this wonder flower as the flower of the nation. A glimpse at the full blown cherry blossoms during spring is an unforgettable memory and it symbolizes the nature of human life.

After the chilling winter is over, nature regains her colorful look with the first bloom of plum blossoms. They are whitish or light pink in color and are surely an important part of the Japanese environment. These Japanese wonder flowers enjoy a special position to the elder section of the society.

Lotus is an important Japanese wonder flower associated with rich symbolical meanings. It symbolizes truth and flawlessness and the struggle of life, journey of life from difficulties, challenges and finally reaching victory. It contains within its colorful petals the whole journey of life of Buddha -- starting from pains and difficulties, He emerged to be the rescuer of mankind.

Peony too is among the Japanese wonder flowers which have a very short life span. This flower is symbolized with prosperity and wealth and is thus favored by rich people all the more. A morning glory too is a short lived flower symbolizing mortality.