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Japanese Lotus Flower

Dgreetings Fragrance Flowers Japanese Flower Japanese Lotus Flower

Like most countries of the east, Japan also shares some similar religious practices. Decorating the religious deity with flowers is an ancient custom. This shows the devotion of a devotee towards the Lord. Flowers act as a bridge between God and the devotee; it conveys the words of prayer to the Lord. In most Asian countries this custom of using flowers is seen; Japan being one of them.

Of all flowers used for worship, lotus is very common. In Buddhism, a lotus flower is symbolized as an awakening of a different spiritual self. This dawn of spirituality is captured by the bright petals of a lotus flower. The Japanese people have a lot of respect for a Japanese lotus flower for this religious connotation.
  • Japanese lotus flower blooming in mid summer symbolizes perfection, truth and immortality. A lotus flower emerges from muddy and dirty surface. It then slowly grows toward the surface of water and finally when it reaches the water level on top, it blooms. Thus, a Japanese lotus flower symbolizes Buddha's life in short. He too was born into a life of pains, problems and sufferings but finally emerged to be a teacher of mankind, showing them a way to attain a happy and peaceful life.

    For its beautiful look, a Japanese lotus flower is popular also as a form of flower tattoo. This special Japanese flower tattoo symbolizes the struggle of life within its bloom; passing through a phase of difficulties one would reach the stage of peace and tranquility. Keep looking through to know more about Japanese flowers.

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