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Japanese Flower Symbolism

Dgreetings Fragrance Flowers Japanese Flower Japanese Flower Symbolism

Japan has an ancient tradition of flowers and flower art. For ages they have carefully cultivated this practice and have renovated it whenever necessary. It is from this art that we have the tradition of Ikebana in Japan. Flowers have an unforgettable presence in the Japanese social as well as religious life. Flowers are used as a medium of prayer to offer to Lord Buddha.

Of all the Japanese flowers, the lotus flower is most symbolically rich. A lotus Japanese flower symbolism speaks about perfection and truth. It symbolizes immortality and everlasting nature. When represented as a tattoo, it speaks of the struggle that each has to undertake in life.
  • A flower with a short blooming span is peony and is thus often named as "flower of twenty days". Japanese flower symbolism associates this flower with aristocracy and prosperity. It is due to this reason that a peony is favored mostly by the upper class of the society. With a similar short span of life, a morning glory enjoys the symbolic meaning of mortality. But within this short blooming span it spreads a heavenly beauty all over.

    But there are other flowers with different Japanese flower symbolism too. A chrysanthemum blooms for a long period of time and thus symbolizes longevity. This flower is often used in occasions where you need to wish long life to some one. Pine is the hardiest of all flowers but is important for all Japanese social customs. No occasion is complete without pines.

    Due to this strong meaningful nature of Japanese flowers, they are used for tattoo making in a large scale. The colorful carvings of tattoo will speak volume about your artistic taste. Know more about Japanese flowers from the pages of

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