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Japanese Flower Patterns

Dgreetings Fragrance Flowers Japanese Flower Japanese Flower Pattern

Japanese flower patterns are used widely in kimonos, water color paintings, costumes for Noh drama, wooden screens and wall hangings. Japanese flower patterns are popular all over the world. It makes large use of beautiful sprays of flowers, different types of stripes and natural landscapes. Japanese flower patterns are very elaborate.

Traditionally, Japanese flower patterns were used by the royalty. Robes of kings and queens had Japanese flower patterns drawn on them in gold and silver.
  • Japanese flower patterns require special skills and there are special schools dedicated to teaching this art. These schools are not only in Japan but rather they exist all over the world. Golden and red paint are widely used in Japanese flower patterns. Traditional painters manually draw the designs with paint brush. But at the commercial level, stencils or carved wooden blocks are used.

    Japanese flower patterns are also used to make embroidered pieces. Japanese flower patterns are a very important part of Japanese culture. Birds and dragons are also used to complement the Japanese flower patterns. Japanese flower patterned kimonos are worn during the tea ceremony in China and Japan. Outfits with Japanese flower patterns are also worn on special days like festivals and weddings.

    In the west there is a great demand for items with Japanese flower patterns. Large stocks of items with Japanese flower patterns are exported from Japan. Canada, Great Britain and Middle East are some of the greatest markets of Japanese flower patterned articles. Many interested foreigners visit Japan specifically to learn this native art. It takes years to master this art. If you want to know more about Japanese flowers then check the other articles in

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