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Japanese Flower Paintings

Dgreetings Fragrance Flowers Japanese Flower Painting Of Japanese Flowers

In Japanese artwork, painting and drawing of flowers is used for decorative purposes. Painting of Japanese flowers is seen on furniture, clothing and in family symbols or family crests. Paintings of Japanese flowers are seen inside many Japanese homes; this is a classic item of interior decoration in Japan. Some homes have a special place allotted that is decorated with flowers and plants as a reflection of the changing seasons of Japan.

Japanese painting and Japanese flower painting is an age old tradition in Japan. The people of Japan, especially in the early times, gave a lot of importance to the meaning behind these paintings. Nowadays Japanese flower painting has evolved and more abstract forms of flower painting have come into existence.
  • There are many schools of Japanese painting; they indulge in various styles of Japanese painting. Many of these schools of art and artists are heavily influenced by Buddhism and Zen. Some of these Japanese schools of flower painting paint in only black ink whereas some paint with ink and color.

    The Nanga painting style which emerged in the beginning of the 19th century paints landscapes and other elements of nature like flowers and birds. These paintings were meant for the elite of Japan. Paintings of Japanese flowers and birds are a popular combination seen in Japanese paintings. Flowers have different meanings and symbolisms in these paintings. Peonies represent short life; lotus represents perfection and rebirth etc.

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