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Japanese Flower Art

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Japanese flower art, better known as Ikebana, is an age old tradition of decorating with flowers. However, this style of flower decoration started in India, where flowers were offered to almighty God. With the spread of Buddhism, art of decoration with flowers also came to China. From there the Buddhist monks brought the art to Japan. Initially flowers were used in Japan to offer to Buddha, but then this art spread from the confines of the monastery.

Coming out, there were many learners of a Japanese flower art. Thus, a number of Japanese flower art school was set up to teach different forms of Japanese flower art all over Japan. Even books were written on the topic of Japanese flower art. The oldest found book on this topic dates back to end of the 15th century and is named as Kaorirai flower arrangement book.
  • All the schools of Ikebana follow three basic principles… heaven, men and earth, better known in Japanese as Shin, Shoe and Tai. Cherry flowers, bamboo and pinus are mostly used props in the making of Ikebana. Among the various schools of Japanese flower art, the Ikenobo is the oldest. Here flowers were decorated to present only to Lord Buddha. It is from this school that many unique style of Japanese flower arrangement was discovered like Shoka, Rikka and Nageire. The classical Rikka style of Japanese flower decoration belongs to this school.

    Another school of Japanese flower art is the Ohara school established by Unshin Ohara during the late 19th century. He mastered at infusing western style within the contemporary Japanese flower art. Even western flowers were added too. In short, he revolutionized the ordinary style. Last in the list of Ikebana schools, is the Sogetsu school founded by Sofu Teshigahara. He is the pioneer in bringing innovativeness and modernity in Japanese flower art. Keep looking through to know all about Japanese flowers.

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