History of Rose Flower

The history of rose flower is as old as human history itself. Fossilized rose, 35 million years old, have been discovered in Europe. Embalmed rose buds were found along with the mummies of Ancient Egypt. The first written reference to the rose flower has been found in Iraq and it dates back to 3000 B.C. In 600 B.C., Sappho made references to the rose in an ode named 'Ode to the Rose'.

The history of rose flower in the United States began in 16th century, when the colonists planted the first rose plant in North America. Empress Josephine in the year 1798, established the first rose garden which had approximately 250 varieties of rose flowers. The modern hybrid rose was invented in the year 1867. The world popular rose named 'peace' was smuggled from France to the United States in 1945.

There are several interesting mythical stories associated with the history of rose flower. According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love is believed to have made rose from her tears and the blood of Adonis, her lover. The Romans associated rose with Venus, the goddess of love. There are references of the rose flower in Buddhist and Confucian religious literature. The older Christian sects associated the rose flower with the five wounds of Jesus. Modern Christian sects associate rose with the blood of the martyrs.

The history of rose flower also witnesses its use for medicinal purposes. From the ancient times, rose flower has been considered as the food for the body, mind and soul. Many stone tablets with medical texts on it have been discovered from ancient sites, referring to the history of rose flower. Even today, rose is used in various types of cosmetics and essences.

The history of rose is rich with many stories and incidents. This is a very obvious fact as rose is the best gift which Mother Nature has blessed mankind with. For more information on different kinds of flowers, read other flower articles on Dgreetings.com.