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People in Japan have a lot of love and respect for flowers and they have incorporated flowers into their lifestyle for ages. Flowers are an inseparable part of the Japanese culture as well as the religious life. The role of flowers is so important in the Japanese life that even in the Japanese language there is a prominent influence of flowers. There are many proverbs related to flowers in the Japanese flower language.

Flower in Japanese language means 'hana'. Although 'hana' means nose, the meaning changes according to the context. Similarly, another flower in Japanese communication language is Iwanu ga hana, which literally means, 'not speaking is the flower'. Japanese love the silent language of flowers in conveying feelings.
  • Another flower in Japanese proverb is 'Takane no hana' meaning 'flower in a high peak'. This symbolizes the unattainability of a thing which apparently seems attainable. This flower proverb in Japanese speaks of the truth that a thing may be beautiful but that does not mean it has to be attained. This proverb speaks of the ever unreachable. Another flower in Japanese with such deep symbolical meaning is 'Hana ni arashi' which literally means cloud coming over moon and a storm over blooming flowers. This makes us cautious of the coming of hard times during happy hours.

    'Hanashi ni hana ga saku' means a lively enthusiastic discussion. Flowers are called with different names by the Japanese people, making them more distinct than the regular way of addressing flowers. A daffodil flower in Japanese is known as suisen, while a daisy flower is called hinagiku. Thus flowers enjoy an all round popularity in Japanese lifestyle. Visit to to know all about Japanese flowers.

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