Dried Flowers

Making Dried flowers is an art and requires a lot of cautious skill and correct technique. Steps to make beautiful Dried flowers are as follows:

  1. To achieve the best results, flowers for drying should be plucked early in the morning. However it is advisable to allow enough time for the morning dew to evaporate. Flowers tend to rot when dew is allowed to settle on it.
  2. The freshly cut flowers must be tied in bunches and removed from the sunlight immediately.
  3. It is advisable to pluck the flowers when immature. The logic behind this is that flowers tend to open during the drying process. So if a fully open flower is Dried, the petal will fall off by the time it is completely dry. Rather if an immature flower is used, the flower will open slightly while drying and its shape, when dry, will be perfect.
  4. The flowers must be Dried in dark, well ventilated rooms. Light tends to spoil the color of the flowers. Flowers lose their color by a process called oxidation, which requires light and water. So by cutting the light source, you can stop the oxidation process and help the flowers to preserve its natural colors.
  5. To keep the stems of the flowers straight, you can hang the flowers up side down.
  6. Placing flowers on wooden screens is a process to hasten the drying process.
The main reason behind the increased use of Dried flowers in place of fresh flowers is:
  1. The Dried flower arrangements do not require much care or attention. Regular dusting is all that is required to keep the flowers clean. Feather dusters are better than fiber dusters.
  2. It is easy to store Dried flowers. You can wrap them in a newspaper or keep it in a cupboard. However it is important that the Dried flowers are kept away from damp places.
  3. To keep insects and rodents away you can keep few mothballs along with the Dried flower arrangement.
Dried flower arrangements look very beautiful and add a sense of sophistication and elegance to the indoor decoration. Some florists add few stems of Dried flowers along with fresh flowers in bridal bouquets to make the bouquet last longer. Dgreetings.com has few more articles on Dried flowers from which you can gather sufficient amount of information.