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Blue Wedding Flowers

Dgreetings Fragrance Flowers Wedding Flowers Blue Wedding Flower

The color blue carries with it a sense of regal grandeur and blue flowers create a sense of royal beauty. Blue has always been associated with royalty and sophistication. If you want to add class and style to your marriage, then blue wedding flowers are the correct choice for you.

Blue wedding flowers are available in various shades of blue ranging from deep indigo to pale aquamarine. Blue is a versatile color and can be combined with different colors to create a variety of effects. Blue flowers can be teamed with cream or yellow flowers to add a subtle dramatic beauty to the marriage party. Royal blue flowers can be combined with beautiful pink blossoms to create a sense of vivid beauty. Various kinds of greens, like olive green or lemon green also look good with blue blossoms. Innovative and experimental people can even try mixing blue wedding flowers with purple berries, golden or silver artificial flowers and various types of ferns to create exceptional effects.
  • Blue wedding flowers are usually used as a theme for winter weddings. Some of the common blue wedding flowers are delphiniums, statice, hyacinths, veronica, hydrangea and sea holly. Wisteria is bluish purple in color and it has beautiful blue trails. Iris is also available in different shades of blue. Sometimes flowers of different bluish shades can be combined to form excellent bouquets. Purple and blue is also a very royal combination.

    The only problem with blue wedding flower theme is that most of the traditional flowers associated with marriage like lilies, roses and daisies, are not blue. But then the advantage of this theme is that blue wedding flowers have the capability of setting the marriages off the beaten track. Every one goes for roses as wedding themes. Only people with special artistic taste will choose blue wedding flowers as their wedding theme.

    Blue wedding flowers are the best choice for couples who want their guests to remember their wedding party for its exceptional classy English charm. If you want to add a touch of royalty to your wedding, Blue wedding flowers are the best option for you. has many other pages on wedding flowers which will definitely help you to make the correct choice of flowers for your wedding party.

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