Father's Day Ideas

There are several ways to let your father know that he is truly special. Celebrate this year’s father’s day in a unique style. Surprise your dad most affectionately and see the million dollar smile on his face!

  • Start the day with the fragrant surprise

    Let him wake up to the fragrance of flowers…gift him a bunch of beautiful roses. A handmade card if tagged along with a short poem scribbled by you for him in your best ever handwriting would give his day an ideal start. Express your affection, care and concern for him…just as he does for you every other day of the year. Read the poem aloud while you hug him tightly to say that he is the biggest support of your life!

    Start the day with the fragrant surprise

  • Prepare with your own hands his favourite breakfast and lunch

    This would be immensely overwhelming for him. Organise a small leisure outing for him, go to the countryside or to a sea shore or to any other nature-bound serene location. Play his favourite music as you drive for him on this day. Go fishing together, play badminton, perform a song, and play guitar. Do not forget to capture all these memories in your camera.

    Prepare with your own hands his favourite breakfast

    As you reach back home, bake a cake especially for him, bring him his favourite champagne and snacks. Keep yourself at bay from attending phone calls of your friends and fellows. Such distractions spoil the fun. Keep your presence exclusively for him.

    bake a cake

    Keep the later part of the evening reserved for a heartfelt conversation session with him. Take every opportunity to tell him how special is his love, strength and support for you. Narrate to him instances that prove how his mentoring and guidance have helped you evolve into a better human being, and how best you are trying to make him proud of yourself. Share your life’s small secrets with him, update him about all matters concerning your life, something which you could not do all the while he was busy with work. And while he expresses how he feels, shoot a video. This session would surely overwhelm him and work for him as the biggest form of rejuvenation.

    conversation session with him

  • Throw Surprise Party

    Throwing surprise parties are quite clichéd ways of celebrating father’s day. Let’s try to be different this time. How about planning a surprise rejuvenating day for him? Considering your father works rigorously hard to make life comfortable for you, it is now time to let him know that you are indeed grateful to him…and that you want him to have a superb relaxing time exclusively with you, your mom and your siblings on this day.

    Throwing surprise parties

  • Arrange Party Games

    Father's Day is a day to show your father how much he means to you and how everything he does is appreciated.Selecting a few games and including them in your Father's Day party guarantees heaps of fun. It would for sure be a day to remember for a long time.

  • Make Photo Album

    Create a photo album of special moments from the past year with Dad. Show your dad your chow much you love with a digital photo album that you post online or a physical album that you present to him on Father’s Day. Add captions to each picture for added fun. It’s not a bad idea, hence, to let your father know on this finicky occasion of father’s day that he is very close to your heart.

    Make Photo Album

The idea is to plan a calm and composed day, so that there is more time for reflection and discussion between you and your father. Such opportunities help in strengthening the bonding and bring more affection.

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Last Updated: 7th April,2017