Father's Day Poems Cards

A dad is like a mountain in spring, his strength like a rock and his care like the nature's green. Let your dad know that he means the world to you. Wish him Happy father's day by sending him father's day poem cards through wide collection of cards by dgreetings.

  • Father's Day Photo Card

  • Father's Day Photo Card

  • Father's Day Poems

    Poem - 01

    What is a Dad?

    A dad is someone who
    Wants to catch you before you fall
    But instead picks you up,
    Brushes you off,
    And lets you try again.
    A dad is someone who
    Wants to keep you from making mistakes
    But instead lets you find your own way,
    Even though his hearts breaks in silence
    When you get hurt.
    A dad is someone who
    Holds you when you cry,
    Scolds you when you break the rules,
    Shines with pride when you succeed, and
    Has faith in you even when you fail.

    Poem - 02

    Dad You are Always

    Dad you are always
    Loving and kind
    And you always know
    What I have on my mind,
    You listen, guide and defend me,
    And you are one of
    My best friend
    There will always be a
    Place for you,
    Deep in my heart
    Thank you Dad
    For just being you.

    Poem - 03

    My First Boyfriend

    My first boyfriend,
    My first hero
    My father's shoulder where fear is zero
    My first bicycle ride
    With you running by my side
    With you muscles that strong
    I still believe you are young
    Father's day is the time I should be telling
    "I will love you forever dad"
    And Forever is just the beginning

    Poem - 04

    A Dad Who is Loving and Kind

    A Dad who is loving and kind
    Always know what's there in your mind
    He listens, suggests and defends.
    And can be one of our best friends
    He feel proud of your achievements
    But when things go wrong
    A Dad is helpful and strong
    Thank you dad
    For your shoulder to cry on when I am sad
    Thanks for listening, caring and sharing
    Happy Father's day, dear Dad.

    Poem - 05

    My Life Would Have Been a Waste

    My life would have been a waste,
    All joys would have been without taste,
    Delight and prosperity, I owe you all
    Today I am grateful to you for all
    Your chidings and affections,
    Your discipline and motivation,
    Your support and inspiration..
    You mean world to me dear dad!
    I love you , look up to you dear dad!


Last Updated on 11 June, 2018