Epiphany Messages

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May the Lord shower you
with his blessings on
Epiphany and Always.
Epiphany Messages
Wishing that you be blessed with gifts of love, peace and happiness on Epiphany and Always.
May the supreme Lord guide you to his divine light …On Epiphany and Always
Epiphany Messages
They have to avoid Herod, the wicked king of the region, who resists the appearance of God's love.
God does reveal himself. God does manifest his love to us. God's epiphany occurs for us in our hearts, our souls and our lives.
Epiphany Messages
May the glory of the Lord guides you always.
May the Lord pulls you through all ups & downs in life.
Thank you Lord for blessing us with your presence.
As our Lord.. Makes this holy night radiant. By sending his son to us..
I wish my the peace of Heaven.. Resides in your heart and soul..
Have a blessed Epiphany.
Epiphany Messages