World Environment Day

World Environment Day Calendar

Weekday DateYearName
Sun Jun 5 2016 World Environment Day
Mon Jun 5 2017 World Environment Day
Tue Jun 5 2018 World Environment Day
Wed Jun 5 2019 World Environment Day
Fri Jun 5 2020 World Environment Day

The World Environment Day is observed every year on the 5th of June. As such, it will be held on the same date in 2018. This day is special because it is the occasion when the United Nations (UN) creates a worldwide awareness of preserving the environment. However, it is not a public holiday.

World Environment Day is the day for global action and resolution toward keeping the environment healthy for one and all. There are campaigns, processions and parades to make this day eventful where special importance is given to tree-planting and clean-up campaigns so as to create an eco-friendly environment.

The United Nations Environment Programme focuses on creating a cleaner and greener environment. Under this initiative, activities are carried out throughout the year. However, World Environment Day is the occasion when the activities reach the climax. The UN has been taking special initiatives and observing this day since 1972.

  • Theme of the year 2017 - "Join the race to make the world a better place".
  • Theme of the year 2015 - "One World, One Environment".
  • Theme of the year 2014 - "small island developing states" or "SIDS" and "Raise your voice, not the sea level".
  • Theme of the year 2013 - "Think. Eat. Save." And slogan - "Reduce Your Foodprint".
  • Theme of the year 2012 - "Green Economy: Does it include you?".
  • Theme of the year 2011 - "Forests: Nature at your Service".
  • Theme of the year 2010 - "Many Species. One Planet. One Future".
  • Theme of the year 2009 - "Your Planet Needs You – Unite to Combat Climate Change".
  • Theme and slogan of the year 2008 - "CO2, Kick the Habit – Towards a Low Carbon Economy".
  • Theme of the year 2007 - "Melting Ice – a Hot Topic?".
  • Theme of the year 2006 - "Deserts and Desertification" and slogan - "Don’t Desert Drylands!."
  • Theme of the year 2005 - "Green Cities" and slogan - "Plan for the Planet!".
  • Theme of the year 2004 - "Wanted! Seas and Oceans" and slogan - "Dead or Alive?".
  • Theme of the year 2003 - "Water" and slogan - "Two Billion People are Dying for It!".
  • Theme of the year 2002 - "Give Earth a Chance".
  • Theme of the year 2001 - "Connect with the World Wide Web of Life".
  • Theme of the year 2000 - "The Environment Millennium" and slogan - "Time to Act".
  • Theme of the year 1999 - "Our Earth – Our Future" and slogan - "Just Save It!".
  • Theme of the year 1998 - "For Life on Earth and slogan - "Save Our Seas".
  • Theme of the year 1997 - "For Life on Earth".
  • Theme of the year 1996 - "Our Earth, Our Habitat, Our Home".
  • Theme of the year 1995 - "We the Peoples: United for the Global Environment".
  • Theme of the year 1994 - "One Earth One Family".
  • Theme of the year 1993 - "Poverty and the Environment and slogan - "Breaking the Vicious Circle".
  • Theme of the year 1992 - "Only One Earth, Care and Share".
  • Theme of the year 1991 - "Climate Change. Need for Global Partnership".
  • Theme of the year 1990 - "Children and the Environment".
  • Theme of the year 1989 - "Global Warming; Global Warning".
  • Theme of the year 1988 - "When People Put the Environment First, Development Will Last".
  • Theme of the year 1987 - "Environment and Shelter: More Than A Roof".
  • Theme of the year 1986 - "A Tree for Peace".
  • Theme of the year 1985 - "Youth: Population and the Environment".

Host of World Environment Day

Under the United Nations Environment Programme, India has been declared the host of 2018 World Environment Day. The aim is to let India and other countries strive hard through the process of developing a green economy. Keeping this in mind, the World Environment Day theme has been declared as one which should help people worldwide understand why forests are important. This will help them indulge in activities to conserve the forests and ensure a green environment.
The venues for the observance of World Environment Day in India are the cities, Delhi and Mumbai. A number of activities will be held in these venues just to make people aware of the positive aspects of a green environment.

Celebrations on World Environment Day

Read on to know how the UN as well as the common people may observe the World Environment Day.

How the UN Will Celebrate the Day

On the World Environment Day , the UN is expected to give emphasis on the fact that individual actions to preserve the nature can actually help in sustaining a green environment. The Thursday 2018 in India will witness a wide range of activities like tree-planting by schools and community clean-ups including initiatives to clean up the parks in cities. Photo contests on forests will be held. Besides, bird watching trips will be organized on the World Environment Day. A number of organizations may hold exhibitions to showcase the importance of forest preservation. In addition, there’ll be green petitions and campaigns held in order to emphasize the need for a cleaner and greener environment.
A special highlight of the World Environment Day is the colors used in numerous promotions of the events held on this occasion. The primary colors used are green, blue and brown. These are colors that stand for the earth or nature and its resources. Some of the images and photos used to promote the campaigns on this day include snow-clad mountains, unpolluted rivers and natural flora and fauna.

How People May Celebrate the Day

World Environment Day is celebrated worldwide amidst parades and processions, concerts and campaigns. You may find similar kind of celebrations on this special day in 2018. Tree-planting and clean-up campaigns may be undertaken to make sure the entire world makes an effort to maintain a green and clean environment. There are several countries which make use of the events on the World Environment Day in order to seek political attention toward improving the environment. You may find the same thing happening this year as well.

The World Environment Day will hopefully reinstate the fact that the environment needs to be saved. This is important, as otherwise the present and future generations can’t sustain a healthy life ahead.