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Kids Easter baskets

Kids look forward to Easter since it is the time for them to enjoy great treats and gifts. Easter baskets containing gourmet delights and some cool stuff are one of the major attractions for them during the festival.
Easter baskets have a long history and enjoy close connection with kids. According to the old German folklores, an Easter bunny emerges from the basket and leaves treats for kids on the auspicious occasion. Kids also go on an Easter egg hunts on the day.
The choices are seemingly endless when it comes to filling up an Easter basket for kids. You can put traditional Easter delights like candies and chocolate eggs or fill it up with unconventional items like story or coloring books or toys. If you want to give them a pleasant surprise this Easter following are some great suggestions for kids Easter baskets.
Crayons and coloring books: You can fill your Easter basket with packets of crayons, sketch pen, water color pallets and coloring books. You can now buy coloring books according to the age of the person to whom you are making the present.

Flower seeds: To encourage gardening in kids, an Easter basket of flower seeds is a great idea. Along with the seeds you can also put spatula, small pots and other gardening equipments and accessories like gloves, aprons and shoes to make it a complete gift.

Soft toys: Kids simply adore cuddly Easter bunnies. So you can always fill their basket with soft toys and wind-up Easter bunny toys. You can pair these up with other Easter goodies like candies, cookies, colors, story books and other toys.

Funky stuff: Make it a funky Easter basket for kids with funny-shaped, colorful toys, sunglasses, Sidewalk Chalks, hooters, party caps, silly strings, fun doughs, Easter Bubbles, silly putties, fake tattoos, stickers, kaleidoscopes, and water guns.

Baby care baskets: If you are planning to gift an infant, fill up your basket with baby care items like pacifiers, baby clothes, plush blankets, baby legs, teethers, rattles, feeding cups, bibs, bath toys, oils, and shampoos. It will be an extremely useful gift for the baby.

Book baskets: Books always make an exciting addition to your children’s Easter baskets. Choose from the large variety of children books and bed time stories. Interactive books will make learning a fun activity for the children.

Fruit baskets: If you want the kids to enjoy a guilt-free Easter treat then fill up their baskets with fresh fruits like apples, pears, plums, berries etc. Put packets of cashews, raisins, and walnuts as kids love them.

Assorted gourmet baskets: Make a Easter basket full of surprises by putting assorted treats like candies, cookies, white chocolate Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs, marshmallow peeps, Easter lollypops, Spring Lemon Bud hard candies, flavored jelly beans, yogurt covered pretzels, marzipan treats, lemon cookies, chocolate mint biscotti, and chocolate fudge cakes.

School kits baskets: Fill up your Easter basket with essentials for school like school bags, bottles, pencil bags, pencils, pens, erasers, colored markers, scales, and sketch pens. It will be an essential yet exciting Easter basket for kids.

Toy baskets: If you want to make sure that your Easter gift basket will never be forgotten then fill it up with small and interesting toys like handmade glider, puzzles, Easter card games, yo-yos, doll accessories, toy cars, building blocks for kids, educational games, baseball game cards, jump ropes, and finger puppets.

While shopping for items for kids Easter basket you can choose specifically for boys and girls. You can add ribbons, bows, hair clips and bands, bracelets and neckpieces, dolls and doll accessories in a girl’s Easter basket. For boys you can add baseball cards, iTune cards, special edition PO Stamps, magic tricks kits, gift cards, game tickets, and joke books.

Always paint the Easter gift basket in bright colors and adorn it with cut outs of flowers, Easter bunnies, and Easter eggs. Remember that how the basket looks is equally important for kids so decorate Easter basket in interesting ways.

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