Easter Egg Hunt

Yay!! Here comes the Easter the favorite holiday of all the kid’s wherein they enjoy the day playing outdoors, treasure hunting for Easter eggs and chocolaty sweet goodies left for them by the Easter Bunny. It’s that time of the year when kids enjoy a lot of family activities like coloring and decorating eggs, and spending quality time with family having fun preparing for the festivities.

What is Easter Egg Hunt?

Easter egg hunt is a game in which embellished eggs, real-hard boiled eggs or artificial i.e. chocolate filled candies or ornamental eggs are hidden in or around the house for the kids to find them and enjoy the treats.

Egg Rolling:

In some European countries, on Easter morning a game is played by the children, in which they roll eggs down the hills which are symbolic of rolling away of the rocks from the tomb of Jesus Christ during resurrection.

Egg Roll

How to Organize an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is just round the corner and what better than to celebrate this special Sunday with friends and family by organizing a fun Easter egg hunt in your house!! Easter tradition will become really enticing with these easy and simple tips and you’d become everyone’s favorite by organizing such an impeccable event.

How to Organize an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Decorations

The first step in planning an Easter Egg Hunt is decorations. Get set by hanging an Easter décor on the door, bunny streamers and placing some Easter decorations like sunny colored table cloths on the snack table. Keep the snacks ready as quite surely soon after the egg hunt everyone is going to be famished for that delightful bite of chocolate cake and other Easter goodies. Also, Keep Easter Baskets handy for the kids Egg hunt expedition.


Color Code The Eggs:

Color code the eggs like golden for the younger ones and silver for the older kids so that kids of all age group have an equal opportunity to find the eggs and also the younger ones get help from the elder kids in searching the decorated eggs.

Clue Rhymes:

Write little clue rhymes as kids love to decipher codes and clues on a fancy paper note and hide them. Let each child decipher the rhyme and solve the mystery of “Where is the golden egg” and get the reward. A little brain teaser is what every kid loves to do.
P.S. keep the rhyme/ code age appropriate.

Keep a Count:

Allot a definite number of eggs each child and make sure that each one finds all the allotted eggs in order to be declared the winner. This will inculcate a habit of working harder in the kids to achieve the given target.

Give Hints:

Leave hints for the kids to make the search easy as well as interesting. You can use bunny masks or pugmarks and even bunny stickers to create the hints at the egg hiding places.

Innovative after search activities:

Once the search is over you can make the kids have a cool DIY session that includes:

  • How to make, bake as well as decorate Bunny cookies.

  • You can also organize a fun decorate the bunny mask idea in which the best mask decorator would be awarded a special prize.

Bunny Quiz:

Organize a little bunny quiz to enhance the knowledge of the young minds to take an insight into how much they know about their bunny friend. You can frame the questions like;

  • How big is the Easter bunny?

  • What color costume does he wear?

  • How many friends does Easter bunny have?

Etc. You are sure to get a variety of funny answers to these questions which will make this wonderful day a memorable and unforgettable for you as well as the ones attending the festivities.


Big bunny cutouts which could be colored by the kids can be given as an Easter memoir to all the kids making this day special for them. Or even customized screen printed Easter bunny t-shirts are a cute option to unite and create a team spirit among the little kids and enhance the sportsman spirit of one and all.

Kids will surely love the idea of getting together every year for these fun activities.

Easter Egg Options:

If there is no time constraint for you, then you can make and decorate the Easter eggs at home. But, if time is a problem, then don’t worry the markets are filled with various Easter egg options like Chocolate filled eggs, or plastic eggs that you can fill with various things like toys, tattoos, beads, confetti etc. Take your pick and get ready with at least 6 eggs per child and little Easter baskets to hold them. Now you are all set for the party.

Hope you enjoy your Easter egg hunt and your planning proves to be a cakewalk.
Happy Easter!!

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Last Updated: 16th March,2018