Easter Symbols

Easter is a Spring festival which has unusual number of symbols associated with it. Easter Symbols, as they are generally known, have a long history which often dates back to the religious and non-religious celebrations of Romans, Greek and many other early civilizations. There are many Easter Symbols that are full of significance and importance. Some of the Easter Symbols are mentioned here for your reference. Just check out:

Easter Bunny

Easter Basket

Easter Bunny is a very important symbol of this festival. It is believed that Easter Bunny or hare symbolizes moon. It is because of the fact that hare never closes its eyes for a single moment—hare never blinks its eyes, it is said. Moreover, Easter Bunny has its roots in the Anglo-Saxon Goddess called Eostre—who always carried her bunny along with her. In fact, this Easter Bunny was said to be first to lay colored eggs.

Easter Candles & Bonfires

Easter Candles are lighted on the occasion of Easter to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Hence, to commemorate this event, people with happy mood and ambience light Easter Candles in churches as part of their celebration. It depicts new life, free from all sins. In other words, these decorative Easter Candles are illuminated with faith, in order to bring Jesus Christ to life—to revive his existence! The Paschal Candles are the most famous candles. A Paschal Candle has engraving of cross on it, followed with Greek letters ‘alpha’ and ‘omega’ which signify the fact that ‘God is omnipresent’.

Easter is a very special time of the year, and candles are an important part of the Easter tradition. Moreover, not only the candle, but also the beeswax, wick and flame has a symbolism attached to it. The beeswax depicts the purity and wholesomeness of Jesus Christ; the wick is representation of human beings on this earth and the pure and glowing flame represents the divinity of one among God’s trinity, Jesus! Hence, the Easter Candles are symbols of renewal of life, the positive energy and vitality.

These candles give you the message of being tolerant and patient infront of all difficulties. So, these Easter Candles, if presented as gifts, will last for a lifetime, not simply for a few hours!

Easter Cross

Easter Cross is highly significant for Christians. For the Christian community, Easter Cross is just like a Cross, which is the symbol of life over death. This Easter Cross reminds us of the pain and bloodshed of Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus had to shed blood because of the sins committed by human beings. He was crucified to save us from eternal perish, thus goes the Christian belief. In fact, He suffered for us. Hence, the Easter Cross is a sacred cross, which is also a representation of faith. Moreover, on a positive side, Easter Cross indicates the triumph of good over evil—goodness over badness and life over death. Easter Cross spreads the message of both crucifixion and resurrection. On one hand, it symbolizes sacrifice and on the other, it signifies a new life.

During Easter, the black draping over the Easter Cross, meant for mourning the death of Lord Christ on Good Friday, is removed. Rather, Easter Cross is decked up with colorful and blooming flowers in order to honor the return of Christ. Hence, the Easter Cross has a lot of importance and significance for Christians.

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs became the symbol of resurrection of Jesus Christ—rebirth of mankind. Christians embraced the Easter Egg and compared it to the tomb from which Christ resurrected. In fact, Easter Eggs are also exchanged as gifts among friends and relatives for the celebration of Easter.

Easter Lamb

Easter Lamb is a significant symbol of Easter celebrations throughout the world. Easter Lamb symbolized Christ with a flag of victory. This symbol is seen in every Central and Eastern European family. Lamb also forms the center of attraction of Easter dinner table. Importance of Lamb has its roots in the Jewish tradition of Pesah. Pasch Lamb was also very famous.

Easter Lily

Easter Lily Trumpet-shaped, Easter Lily, is a fragrant flower, all in pure white. With this flower, people celebrate and enjoy the very essence of life during the special occasion of Easter.

Hence, whether you are planning to give Easter Lily’s potted plant as a gift of love and happiness or you are planning to deck up your home for Easter festivity—this flower is an excellent choice—the most important symbol in itself for Easter!

In fact, literature, poetry, mythology and history are rich with the stories and images that speak of the beauty of this elegant and majestic flower—Easter Lily. There is also a reference to this flower in the Bible, when Christ gave the Sermon on the Mount to his listeners: "Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they toil not, neither do they spin; and yet…Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these". ‘White-robed apostles of hope’, as it is often known as, Easter Lily is said to sprung up where drops of Christ’s sweat fell in his final hours of sorrow and deep distress.

Thus, the Easter lily is virtually reborn, in tune with Easter philosophy, before they bloom into lovely flowers ready to beautify our lives during the Easter holidays.

Hot Cross Buns

Christians are in their high spirits during this occasion since this festival has a tremendous importance for them in their religious faith. It is celebrated and welcomed with lots of love and warmth and by feasting with scrumptious food. Easter Egg, Easter Lamb and Easter Cake or Bread are typical Easter Specials/Symbols.

And the most popular English Easter bread is the Easter Hot Cross Bun. Generally, the Easter Hot Cross Buns are enjoyed on Good Friday. These Easter Hot Cross Buns—with the combination of cream and bread and available in spicy, sweet and fruit flavor–is just too mouth-watering to resist during Easter Week. Moreover, it is an age-old tradition to eat Easter Cross Buns on Easter celebrations.

As the Easter Sunday and the celebration usher in a new life—Easter symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ to life-so also the Easter Hot Cross Buns send across a message.

In fact, the pastry on the top of the buns symbolizes and reminds us of the Cross, on which Lord Jesus was crucified. These buns taste all the more delicious when they are eaten hot—coming directly out from the oven. And normally, the Easter Hot Cross Buns deck up the breakfast table and Christians fill their tummies with these yummy and creamy buns. Indeed, these Easter Hot Cross Buns were once also sold by the street vendors, who even sang a song for it: "Hot cross buns, Hot cross buns, / One a penny, two a penny, / Hot cross buns".



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