Easter Religious Games

Easter Religious Games are all related to Christianity and revolves around Bible and Jesus Christ. This is too informative for everyone. Children can learn so many things about their religion and faith and also about different customs and traditions related to Easter. One can learn the history and origin of Easter through the varied Easter Religious Games. The vocabulary and general knowledge of a person will be enhanced with his/her involvement in these enlightening educational games. These Easter Religious Games are equally challenging for both elders and youngsters.

Bible Trivia

This is a Quiz based on the events and characters in Bible. Check the plethora of Easter Religious Games that can find way into your Easter celebrations this year. Just check out: The sooner the correct answer is given the more points are awarded. However, there is negative point marking for a wrong answer and for asking each additional clue! So, gear up to play this game.

Rapid Fire Round

This is yet another fast-paced Easter Religious Games. Though, not directly related to Easter, this game is quite intellectual and tests the knowledge of a child or a player. In this game, players attempt to get their cards in hand in exact sequence as per the Bible books.

Word Find Challenge

This is yet another interesting and fantastic Easter Religious Game. In this game, players race against time and find out all the words related to Easter like cross, crown, Andrew, Apostles, Bartholomew, Christ, crucified, faith, God, holy, hope, James, Jesus, Jews, John, king, lamb, Mary, miracles, Paul, peace, Peter, redemption, risen, Romans, sacrifice, Savior, son, thieves, throne and so on. So, get ready! Each time you play the game, it's different! Enjoy!

Christian Crafts and Coloring Pages

This Easter Religious Game is suitable for small kids and school going children who have learnt different crafts. In this game, the children are given a theme like, make a beaded Jesus faith necklace, Easter lily handprints, or anything of this sort; and they are also provided with the materials. They have to make it within a stipulated time! A very good and perfect engagement for them! You can also arrange for coloring competition for these little bunnies. Ask them to color Christian Easter symbols or different scenes like Woman with Palms, Crown of Thorns, Jesus carrying the cross, Jesusí tomb, Bread and Wine, to name a few. This will be really interactive for them and fun too.

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