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Easter Lilies

Easter Lilies — the magnetic and beautiful flowers of Springtime. Everyone loves this flower. The name, Lily, is originated from the Latin name, ‘Lilium longiforu’, a plant native to the southern Ryukyu Islands of Japan. Easter Lily is the traditional flower and is highly honored from time immemorial. Lily is the symbol of joy, hope, beauty and life.

Easter Lily

Trumpet-shaped, Easter Lily, is a fragrant flower, all in pure white. With this flower, people celebrate and enjoy the very essence of life during the special occasion of Easter.
Hence, whether you are planning to give Easter Lily’s potted plant as a gift of love and happiness or you are planning to deck up your home for Easter festivity—this flower is an excellent choice—the most important symbol in itself for Easter!
In fact, literature, poetry, mythology and history are rich with the stories and images that speak of the beauty of this elegant and majestic flower—Easter Lily. There is also a reference to this flower in the Bible, when Christ gave the Sermon on the Mount to his listeners: “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they toil not, neither do they spin; and yet…Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these”. ‘White-robed apostles of hope’, as it is often known as, Easter Lily is said to sprung up where drops of Christ’s sweat fell in his final hours of sorrow and deep distress.

Hence, the churches continue to decorate the altars and crosses with masses of Easter Lilies, to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and hope of life everlasting.
Easter Lily is fit for gracing millions of homes and churches during the whole week of Easter carnival. In the midst of joyous celebration and joviality, this pure and graceful flower ushers in the significance of new life—new blooms and new meaning for Easter. Throughout ages, this regal white flower has been used to deck up churches and the Holy Cross. In fact, Easter Lily’s availability during Easter is a great reminder that a time has come for rejoicings and celebrations. Easter Lily is an emblem of transparency, clarity, refinement, beauty, vigor and renewed life.

Growing the Easter Lily

Lilium longiflorum (Easter Lily) is a scented flower. It is a very important plant from the commercial point of view. Easter lilies can be grown indoors and when the weather becomes warmer they can be planted in the garden so that they bloom beauty all over the place. Easter lily bulbs grow best in a narrow strip of land, about half a mile wide and twelve miles long, near the borders of California and Oregon with a view to the Pacific Ocean. All Easter lily bulbs in North America are grown on this soil which was once a part of the ocean floor. The soil is never touched by drought or freeze, and is therefore, perfect for growing Easter lily. The Easter lily bulb is very shy to come out in the open and stays underground for over a thousand days, i.e. almost three years. During that time period, three times it is harvested, sorted, cleaned and replanted. The Easter lily bulbs produced on this land are later transferred to a greenhouse where they are forced to bloom as if under natural conditions. Thus, the Easter lily is virtually reborn, in tune with Easter philosophy, before they bloom into lovely flowers ready to beautify our lives during the Easter holidays. offers you an in depth insight into Easter Lily and its significance. For more information, keep browsing the pages of this website.

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