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Easter Island

Perhaps the most romantic and most intriguing place on earth, Easter Island stands isolated from the rest of the world. Its giant stone men standing tall are the mute witnesses to centuries of aggression that ruined the rich ancient civilization of the island. For years, these stone men have puzzled historians and anthropologists who are unable to put together the pieces of this huge jigsaw puzzle due to lack of evidence.An island in constant change, an island with a lost culture, an island that beckons people all over the world to look at and feel what they cannot see with their eyes.
Easter Island is a piece of reminder to all of us that time is an ever changing mechanism and that nothing stays on this earth forever. Death is constant.Now a place of immense tourist attraction, Easter Island offers its exotic natural beauty to its visitors and welcomes them with open arms. It is the ideal place to go out in search of adventure while one explores the unknown.
Not only the imposing statues, but the landscape and location of the island will also put you in awe with its beauty and grandeur. Lovely white sand beaches, intricate caves along the seashore, ancient lava formations, extinct volcanic craters, and ceremonial sites of forgotten religious practices will provide you with a rich and stimulating experience. In spite of the ruins, leftovers of a lost culture can still be found in the music, dances, food and art of Rapa Nui, as the natives of Easter Island call themselves. Easter Island is a part of Chile even though itís located thousands of miles off the coast of Chile.
Easter Island
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