Easter in Russia

Once known as Soviet Union, the country of Russia has come a long way to establish itself as one of the most powerful nations of the world. From time to time, Russia has witnessed great historic and cultural invasions which have left behind its immense marks on the ethnic culture of Russians. Thus, Easter in Russia is observed with great religious fervor.

The origin of the Russian Easter, known as ????? (Paskha), can be traced back to two ancient Judaic holiday called ‘Pasah’ which was celebrated every year lasting for one week in the season of spring, especially dedicated to the release of Jews from the Egyptian slavery.

  • However, more recently Easter celebrations in Russia begins with Great Lent on Monday after Maslenitsa during which special church services are held followed by fasting. Russian Easter is observed more as a religious holiday than being just a celebration - A unique Easter custom founded primarily in Russia is the picking of pussy willows.
  • This is regarded as an ancient symbol signifying that spring had finally arrived; and it was customary to pierce the branch of these soft blooms on the shoulder by a neighbor or loved one.
  • More importantly, the colored Easter Eggs, painted with bright colors representing the sunlight of spring are a common sight during Easter in Russia. They are especially used in Easter-egg rolling contests or given as gifts to near and dear ones.
  • Also on the day of Easter Sunday, special recipes like pancakes, paska and Kulich, are prepared and feasted by every Russian household. The Russians look forward to this occasion as a great holiday, hence many music concerts, folk dances, amateur theatre fests and film festivals are organized at the prominent cities and towns of Russia.
  • And if you plan to visit the country during this time of the year, how could you miss the popular Russian Easter destinations like the beautiful awesome lakes of Siberia, the wonderful natural surroundings around the river Volga and to forget the string of small ancient towns forming the ‘Golden Ring’.
  • Thus, with such wide festivities happening during Easter in Russia, you would definitely want to be a part of this huge jubilation. So pack your bags and come to this wonderland, to explore its splendid natural vicinities.

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