Easter in Romania

Unlike other countries, in Romania the Church believes that Jesus was born during the winter solstice and his resurrection happened during the spring equinox, thus Easter in Romania is indication of the bountiful season of spring. Romanian Easter celebrations are looked forward with great enthusiasm, hope and joy. The actual Easter festivities in Romania begin with Flowers Saturday or Lazarus’ Saturday as this is also the time when the girls plant flowers followed by Palm Day also known as Flowers Day, Great Thursday and Great Friday.

A week before the Easter i.e. on Flowers Day, prayers are offered in honor of Roman goddess Flora and willows are offered in her service. It is also regarded as the day for commemorating the dead and thus the burial places are cleaned and willow branches are put above those entombments.

  • One of the major Easter customs in Romania is that on Great Thursday, as on this day Chairs with blankets are put near the fire, as it is believed that some dead souls will sit on those chairs while others on the ground. Girls and women of the house thereby carry water buckets to the graves for the dead ones who will sit there.
  • Romanian Easter however remains incomplete with its traditional mouthwatering delicacies like “Pasca”, traditional lamb recipes, cakes, stuffed pies etc.
  • Each of the Easter eggs are also decorated in different colors as each color stands for a specific religious symbol like red signifies Christ’s blood and green for fertility.
  • Some of the most popular Easter destinations in Romania are the great historic towns of Sibiu and Sighisoara which houses some of the best architectural landmarks of the country, the splendid spa’s scattered in different parts of the country and the heritage castles situated in region of Danube Delta offers the visitors a unique romantic sightseeing. Thus, with such wide festivities Easter in Romania is a time of great celebration marked by huge funfair.

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