Easter in Poland

Easter in Poland is celebrated in a very traditional manner. Since the majority of the native citizens of the country believe in Orthodox Christianity, Easter celebrations in Poland is a religious solemnization of Christ’s teachings. However, in Poland Easter is preceded by Holy Week, beginning with Palm Sunday. On this day, palm branches and twigs are assigned at the church premises.It’s believed that these symbols signify Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

After the festivities, palm leaves are used for calling up the storms, blessing pregnant women and cure sick domestic animals.

  • The original Easter palm branch is later replaced by a willow or raspberry branch, decorated with ribbons, flowers, and leaves. It is believed that swallowing a willow catkin from a blessed branch by a priest would bring health and good luck.
  • One of the major Easter traditions in Poland is the making of ‘Blessing Basket’ where beautifully colored eggs, bread, battercake, salt, paper, and sausages are later carried in the church.
  • It is believed that the Great Lent which is the forty day fast before Easter is not over until the basket has been blessed hence this is the reason why it is called Blessing Basket.
  • A Polish Easter remains incomplete without the tradition of ‘Watering’ when everyone splashes water on each other as this is considered to bring good health to all.
  • In Poland Easter Monday has been observed as "Switching Day", on this day boys swat their girlfriends with a small willow branch. While on Easter Tuesday, the girls strike the boys.
  • A common Easter festive activity in Poland is the practice of "Smingus-Dyngus”. And to make this occasion more special popular Polish Easter recipes like ‘Beet and Horseradish Relish Cwikla’, ‘Gypsy Mazure Mazurek Cyganski’, ‘Raisin Mazurek Mazurek Rodzynkami’ and ‘Mazurek Royale Mazurek Krolewski’ are prepared and feasted by every Polish family. Thus, Easter festivals in Poland are a time of great jubilations.

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