Easter in Netherlands

Netherlands is primarily inhabited by people of Dutch origin, who proudly display their rich heritage and culture. A land of great historic invasions, it is synonymously referred to as Holland. Easter celebrations in Netherlands begin the day before Lent which is referred to as ‘Vastenavond’ or Fast Eve, while in the southern part of Netherlands the celebrations begin on Sunday and lasts for three days. One of the common Easter traditions in Netherlands is making of gorgeously wrapped Easter eggs.

On Palm Zondag or Palm Sunday native Dutch children go in processions from one farm to another collecting egg for the special Easter sports. To find those eggs they carry a curiously decorated stick known as a Palmpaas or Easter "palm".

  • This stick is attached through a basketball hoop which is covered with shrub and decorated in a colored paper or flags, egg shells, small figurines of sugar shell, oranges, raisins, Capri figs and baked dough figures or cocks.
  • However, it’s on Easter Sunday that special meals are cooked and feasted by the whole family. The dinner table is decorated with colored eggs, spring flowers, and Paasbrood which is sweet bread containing raisins and currants.
  • Netherlands Easter remains incomplete without the burning of bonfires. Also special sports like ‘eiertikken’ contests are held at every nook and corner of the country, usually witnessed by large gathering.
  • It’s during this time of the year that the popular Easter holiday destinations of Netherlands see a great turnout with large foreign tourists gathering at the fashionable coastal resorts of Scheveningen, the magnificent province of Flevoland and not to forget the scenic water front of the famous River Rhine.
  • Thus, with such wide activities happening during Easter in Netherlands, you would definitely want to be a part of it. So pack your bags and come to this wonderful land of Netherlands and explore its picturesque natural surroundings.

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