Easter in Israel

The ancient land of Israel is home to some of the best historic sites of the world, in fact it’s considered to be a Holy Land. Israeli Easter celebrations are observed with great intensity and emotion as people tend to share the pain of Jesus and the inequities of the world. It is the city touched by love but also ebonized by religious divisions, fears between different sects of people. The Holy City is a place where the death lives side by side with the signs of the resurrection.

One of the major Easter traditions in Israel is that many processions are carried out in groups whereby each group travels to Golgotha commemorating Christ’s journey and the route is referred to as the Twelve Stations of the Cross.

  • Many tourists’ fro different parts of the world take part in this Holy Procession. However at one o'clock in the afternoon on Easter Sunday the church leader goes into the tomb of Jesus and the doors are closed after him.
  • All over the town lights go out, later church bells ring and the leader appears with a blazing torch.
  • The torch is said to have been miraculously lit inside the tomb. Everyone present in the church, lights their candles from the holy torch, thereby the whole church premises get enlighten. - Easter festivities in Israel usually coincide with Jewish ‘Passover’ when special rituals are observed.
  • The shops in and around Israel display ‘Easter Eggs’, ‘Easter Bunnies’ and ‘Easter cakes’. Some of the popular Easter recipes in Israel are ‘Charoset’, ‘Matzah Balls’, ‘kosher’, ‘Matzah brei’ and chocolate cakes while each food bears a strong religious significance on the occasion of Easter.

Easter Cards in Different Languages