Easter in France

Easter in France is known as Pâques. The historic country of France is widely famous for its deep rooted religious faith in Catholicism; hence Easter festivities in France are in perfect tune with the secular French rituals. Easter is the first holiday of the spring season and is associated with the reawakening of the earth after a long winter.Hectic preparations are marked with various shops and shopping malls in capital city of Paris unleashing a varied new collection of dresses, decorative items and chocolate goodies.

Easter celebrations in France are marked by a slight difference as the church bells remain silent from Good Friday until Easter Sunday as a token of mourning for the crucified Christ.

  • It’s believed that mothers all over France recount their children tales relating to the fact that "the bells have flown away to Rome."

  • One of the popular Easter customs in France is making of a fish called Poisson d'Avril" where a paper fish ono is stuck on the back of as many adults as one can. It’s especially practiced among children.

  • Also Cloche volant or Flying Bells are another significant part of the French Easter tradition which is carried out on Good Friday as its believed that all the church bells in France miraculously fly to the Vatican City in Rome.

  • They carry with them the misery and sorrow of those who mourn Jesus' crucifixion on that very day. These flying French bells then return on Easter morning commemorating the celebration of Jesus' resurrection.

  • A major Easter attraction in France includes the huge Easter parades and carnivals held on Shrove Tuesday also known as Mardi gras in France.

  • Following the age-old tradition, His Majesty, a puppet is burned on the public square on Ash Wednesday in the major cities of France. In northern France, in Nice there is a big parade of floats and a Battle of Flowers on the avenue bordering the beach.

  • If you’re in France how can you miss out the picturesque landscapes of the country, so try out the popular Easter holiday spots in France like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, fascinating Le Village du Bournat and the enchanting Cévennes Mountains of Mont Ventoux situated in Provence.

  • And to the last but not the least, mouth watering French dishes are an inseparable part of Easter jubilations in France. Thus, wish you all a very Happy Easter! -Joyeuses Pâques !

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