Easter in Denmark

The Scand avian country of Denmark celebrates the festive fervor of Easter in a traditional manner. Easter in Denmark is well known as Påske. Like other religious festivities the Danish Folkekirke which is the national church of Denmark, decides on the religious holidays to be observed on Denmark and culmination of Easter festivities, is Danish Folkekirke's most important religious holiday.Easter in Denmark falls either on March or April indicating the arrival of the bountiful season of spring.

Huge festive activities are marked during the occasion with shops and streets of the major cities of Denmark beautifully decorated with lights.

  • Days before the Danish Easter celebrations schools and offices in Denmark remain closed mainly from Skærtorsdag (Maundy Thursday) to Kristi Himmelfartsdag (Ascension Thursday) a day to honor the descent of the Holy Spirit.
  • One of the foremost Easter traditions in Denmark is the custom of sending teaser letters. In the weeks before Easter, children cut out elaborate letters, on which they write a so-called teaser verse.
  • The letter is addressed as anonymous, but signed with a number of dots corresponding to the number of letters in the sender’s name, so that the recipient has a chance of guessing who sent it.
  • The letter is accompanied by a snowdrop and later rewarded with a chocolate Easter egg if the recipient anticipates the right sender.
  • People all over Denmark attend the church services on the Holy Week starting from Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.
  • Danish Easter is all about family reunion dinners where the members of the family gather around a festive dinner table with colorful table decorations, such as daffodils and yellow and purple napkins mark the very occasion.
  • A unique festive activity during Easter in Denmark is writing ‘gækkebrev’, a poem or rhyme to a family member or a good friend by the children of the house in order to get more chocolate Easter eggs.
  • How can anyone forget the delicious Danish food and some of the popular Danish Easter recipes are akvavit, special beer, meatballs and 'store kolde bord' without which the Danish lunch remains incomplete.

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