Easter in Czech Republic

These small celebrations like Easter are a time of great family gathering and later stored as sweet assets in every individual’s bank of memory. So if you are residing outside Czech Republic, you would definitely want to be a part of Easter celebrations in your home land, right! Here’s sharing with you a glimpse of Czech Easter.Easter in Czech Republic culminates into a 40 days fasting period. All Sundays during this period are named as Black, Brown, Sneezing.

Last Sunday is auspiciously observed as Flower Sunday- the day is commemorated as Christ’s coming to Jerusalem. On this very day, majority of the households in Czech are cleaned and the native citizens of the country get ready for the festive mood by wearing new clothes.

  • The Easter celebrations in Czech Republic are related to spring and epitomized as the beginning of a new life. In the northern Moravian region, children finish school on Ugly Wednesday which is known as Škaredá streda.
  • In the evening of Green Thursday better known as Zelený ctvrtek, every boy in the village makes a wooden rattle called rehtacka, whereby each boy then forms a group and walk through the village, shaking their rattles vigorously, so that the noise can be heard from afar. The motive of this rattling is to chase away Judas.
  • The same procedure of this Easter custom in Czech Republic is repeated on Good Friday known as Velký pátek and on White Saturday (Bílá sobota) too when the boys stop at every house of the village in the morning and rattle until they're given some money.
  • One of the major Easter festivities in Czech Republic is making of hand painted Easter Eggs called kraslic, Pussywillow and pomlázka especially made on Nedele velikonocní (Easter Sunday) and Pondelí velikonocní (Easter Monday).
  • And sumptuous Easter recipes in Czech Republic as Easter Lamb, Judas Bread and Easter stuffing are the special highlights of a traditional Czech Easter.

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