Easter in Canada

Just like other countries, Easter in Canada is observed with great religious zest. The vast majorities of non-Christian Canadians are very tolerant towards this Christian celebration and treat this festival for a time for secular celebration. The morning of Easter, culminates into moments of joy whereby people exchange ‘Happy Easter’ wishes. Easter celebrations in Canada are not rooted in Pagan beliefs but are commemorated as a Christian event. Huge preparations precede the arrival of the actual day of Easter with shops, streets and state landmarks illuminated beautifully with lights.

  • One of the major Easter festivities in Canada, known as the Winter Carnival, is held in the Quebec City. Winter Carnival is a big parade of special sporting events such as skating, skiing, and tobogganing.
  • Eggs are forbidden during Lent but after fasting they are consumed mixed with maple syrup. Also special Easter passion plays and songs are performed at the major theatres and community halls of the major cities of Canada.
  • Easter customs in Canada is associated with a series of Easter symbols like the ‘Pussy Willows’, Easter Lilies and Easter Bunnies.Some of the popular Easter getaways in Canada are, the Montmorency Falls Park, the splendid Niagara Falls, the charming City of Victoria and the scenic beaches of Vancouver Island.
  • A typical Canadian Easter is characterized by its mouthwatering and sumptuous recipes of ‘Maple Baked Beans’, ‘Potatoes Nicoise’, ‘Cape Breton Scones’ and apple tart. Thus, Easter in Canada is an event worth enjoying for its wide festive activities.
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