Easter in Brazil

"On Easter Day the veil between time and eternity thins to gossamer" by Douglas Horton aptly demonstrates the glory of Easter. Wide fetes and gala carnivals are held everywhere to commemorate the very event. Just like other nations, Easter in Brazil is observed with great religious pomp and grandeur. Hectic preparations are marked before the actual arrival of D-day with shopping malls and stores unleashing special Easter bunnies on discounts. Due to its geographical location, Brazil celebrates Easter in autumn season.

  • Easter celebrations in Brazil commences with the ceremonial occasion of the ‘Holy Week’ and the blessing of palm branches, which are intricately woven into patterns representing crosses, banners, letters, and other objects.

  • A special food called ‘pacoca’, is prepared in almost every Brazilian household by mixing together crushed nuts and raw ingredients into a paste, which is then offered to guests.

  • Easter customs in Brazil are based on worshipping the symbols of nature like the ‘Macela’ flower which blooms only in Lent. On Palm Sunday people bring this flower to the church service in order to receive blessings by the priest and it is later used as medicine.

  • Brazilian Easter remains incomplete without its mouth watering dishes like ‘clipfish’, chocolate Easter eggs and Easter ring cake.

  • Brazil is well known all over the world for its colorful carnivals. Hence, varied Easter festivities in Brazil mark the event with special fiestas held in the historic towns of Minas Gerais and Novo Jerusalem.

  • The ‘Humanity Festival’ in Brazil is the most famous event during Easter as it represents the religious festival of the Holy Spirit anchoring the energy of the 3rd ray on Earth.

  • Some of the popular vacation spots in Brazil during Easter are the white sand beaches of Breezes Costa do Sauipe, the charming city of Rio de Janeiro offering the visitors unique sea views and the historic village of Fazenda where a famous passion play is staged since 1950.

  • Thus, with such wide ranging festive activities happening every now and then, Easter in Brazil is a great celebration.

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