Easter in Australia

With a history of more than 42,000 years, the island nation of Australia is no less than a paradise. Well known for its unique flora and fauna, Australia is deemed to be a destination for wild life lovers. The traditions of Australia have been molded from time to time through various cultural invasions happening every now and then.The festival of Easter in Australia is in perfect tune with the ethnic Australian culture. Easter celebrations in Australia begin in April when it’s mid autumn with temperature slowly sliding into winter.

  • The Christian churches in Australia follow Christian calendar, hence Easter in Australia begins with Shrove Tuesday, some forty days before the actual day of Easter, and ends with Whitsun which is 50 days after the Easter Sunday.

  • Easter traditions in Australia usually begin with Pancake Day on Shrove Tuesday as this day heralds the beginning of fasting during Lent.

  • Many Australian volunteer groups and communities make and share pancakes on the very day, selling pancakes to raise money for charity is a popular activity during this time of the year.

  • The ritual is thereby followed by making of ‘Hot Cross Buns’ with dried fruit raised with yeast or a simple mixture of flour and water. Unlike other countries these buns are available weeks before Easter in Australia.

  • However the main highlight of Easter rituals in Australia is the ‘Easter Bilby’ which is constructed on the lines of a native Australian animal that has recently become endangered.

  • The Bilby is a small rodent with a long nose and ears just like a rabbit. However, Easter Bunny is still an enduring part of Australian Easter celebrations.

  • Varied Easter festivals in Australia like ‘Perth International Arts Festival’, film festivals, ‘Sydney Royal Easter Show’, an annual show featuring the varied multi cultural heritage of the nation to the vitality of the city life are also showcased during this season.

  • Of all the social events, adventure sports draw the maximum number of crowds from all sections of the Australian population. Some of the popular Easter getaways in Australia include, the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park situated in the Red Centre of Australia and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park comprising of more than a thousand island nestled in midst of azure sea.

  • However walking through the streets of the wonderful city of Sydney is also a great delight, for it offers amazing food, numerous museums, galleries and cultural landmarks.

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