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Easter Holidays

Easter Holiday Dates

Easter Holidays 2019

In 2019, the Easter holiday is on 21 April
Year Date Day Holiday States
2019 19 April Friday Good Friday National except for Haryana and Jammu Kashmir
20 April Saturday Easter Saturday Nagaland
21 April Sunday Easter Sunday Across India
2020 10 April Friday Good Friday National except for Haryana and Jammu Kashmir
11 April Saturday Easter Saturday Nagaland
12 April Sunday Easter Sunday Across India

Easter is the commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third of his death by crucifixion. It is also regarded as the most epoch-making event of the Christian calendar. Holidays during Easter is a time of religious observance starting with Shrove Tuesday, some forty days before Easter, and ends with Whitsun (or Pentecost) which is 50 days after Easter Sunday.

Though the festival is a joyous occasion but what makes it more exciting are the Easter holidays. For many people, the Easter season starts with Lent, which is 40 days prior to the Easter Sunday. The season, which escalates during the week before Easter. It finally ends on Easter Monday.

Easter is a time for relaxation and having fun with your friends and family members. Easter holidays are celebrated in different ways across the world. Also, every person has his or her own style of celebrating Easter holidays. While some people would like to go out on vacations, others would like to catch up with family and friends.

Easter as a public holiday is observed in different parts of the world, hence wide preparations are marked to make the day as special as it can be. Easter holiday celebrations around the world are marked by a difference owing to the fact that each country or region has their own traditional significance attached to it.

The United States:

In the United States, children take part in an Egg rolling races and a large one is held on the lawn of the White House. In the United States, Easter Monday is not a holiday, but the state of North Dakota informally observes the day. Here schools are off on the day.

New Zealand:

New Zealenders celebrate the Easter holiday by attending church services during the weekend. With this they not only celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ but also mark the end of Lent. In New Zealand, people also observe Easter Monday, which is the last day of the four day weekend, including Good Friday. During these four days, some people travel to other destinations, while others take part in activities such as Easter Egg Hunt.


In Spain Easter is one of the most important event and is celebrated throughout the country. "Dance of Death" on Maundy Thursday is a special celebration in Spain.

Czech Republic:

People in Czechoslovakia celebrate the Easter holiday by indulging in family gatherings. From them Easter ushers in the vibrant Spring season. Easter holiday is no longer considered a great Catholic feast.


Easter in Sweden involves a lot of fun food and festivity. More than the adults, it is the children who enjoy the most on Easter holidays. Little children can be seen dressed as good witches on celebrations which begin on Easter Saturday.


Easter celebrations in France are marked by a slight difference as the church bells remain silent from Good Friday until Easter Sunday as a token of mourning for the crucified Christ.

  • Flying Bells are another significant part of the French Easter tradition which is carried out on Good Friday as its believed that all the church bells in France miraculously fly to the Vatican City in Rome.
  • They carry with them the misery and sorrow of those who mourn Jesus' crucifixion on that very day. These flying French bells then return on Easter morning commemorating the celebration of Jesus' resurrection.
  • A major Easter attraction in France includes the huge Easter parades and carnivals held on Shrove Tuesday also known as Mardi gras in France


Easter in Germany begins by Germans attending the Mass prayer services on Saturday which continues so till Sunday.German Easter celebrations are also known as Ostern which is the second most important holiday in Germany.

In addition to its religious significance the event also symbolizes the advent of spring. The government offices, business establishments and schools in different parts of Germany remain close for 4 days beginning from Good Friday also known as Karfreitag and ending on Easter Monday (Ostermontag).

One of the major highlights of Easter festive activities in Germany is the Easter bunny called Osterhase

Also Easter tree (Osterstrauch) and Easter Bonfire (Osterfeuer) are the very basic customs that typify a particular German Easter.

on the eve of Easter Sunday, many local communities light big bonfires across the country to welcome the bountiful season of spring and bid goodbye to winter.


In Brazil, people create straw dolls, which represent Judas. They then hand them in the streets thereafter these dolls are beaten. People also celebrate the holiday by indulging in many carnivals which are held in many small towns across the country. A special food called ‘pacoca’, is prepared in almost every Brazilian household.

Easter customs in Brazil are based on worshipping the symbols of nature like the ‘Macela’ flower which blooms only in Lent.

The ‘Humanity Festival’ in Brazil is the most famous event during Easter


India has a significant Christian population and here Easter is a popular festival among both the Christian as well as non-Christian communities. In India, special dinners are organized and special prayers are also held. Easter eggs are decorated in many homes and children are given gifts.

Easter Eggs and parades

Easter eggs are the most loved and prominent item associated with the festival. Markets are flooded with Easter eggs which come in various hues and styles. People also decorate Easter eggs, which are hard boiled. These can be eaten later. However, Easter eggs also come in other substances such as chocolates and plastic. Many events are also held featuring Easter eggs. In fact, in the United States, Easter in the second best selling candy holiday.

People also take part in parades. In Manhattan, traffic is not allowed on Fifth Avenue from 49th street to 57th street. Here people in the parade can be seen wearing beautifully embellished hats and bonnets. Many other cities in the United States also organize elaborate parades.

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