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Easter Gift Ideas

Itís Easter season, another time of year where celebrations and merry making are at its peak. So much is to be done, Easter decorations, party planningís, Easter gifts etc. Need a little help!! We at have compiled some creative and unique Easter gift ideas just for you. What more, these ideas can be used as party favors too in case you are a host.

Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

Instead of just dropping by to the nearest grocery store and splurging money on a preassembled gift hamper, why not make your own hampers for the kids and spread cheers!!

Customized Easter Basket:

Decorate an actual basket with ribbons, buttons and sequins. Now, place recycled plastic Easter grass in the bottom of the basket and plastic eggs filled with crayons, puzzles and some with chocolates to keep the kids delighted with the hamper.

Customized Easter Basket

Bunny Topiary:

Easter is that time of year when everything is oozing with candies and bunny topiary makes for just that perfect gift for the precious ones. You can easily make a bunny topiary at home if you have some time on hand or you can get one custom made from the nearest confectionery with the name initials on the basket.

Bunny Topiary

Themed Baskets:

Customize a basket with paints, play dough, rulers, construction paper, chalk, glue sticks, glue dots, tape, and stickers in the kidís favorite superhero or Disney character. You can easily find these inexpensive craft items at a nearest dollar store.

Building Blocks/Puzzles:

Engage young minds in creative activities by gifting toys such as a Lego container, puzzles, even picture books. These little surprises will go in a long run in inculcating creativity in kids. Intriguing jewelry making sets are a great option for little girls.

Building Blocks

Creams and cookies:

Kids love cookies and that too assorted in cute Bunny, eggs, carrots and other beautiful shapes. Gift a tin filled with custom made Easter cookies oozing with cream to kids and see a delightful smile spreading across their lips.

Creams and cookies

Easter Gift Ideas for Adults

Green Easter:

This Easter Go-Green. Buy inexpensive wooden trays from the flea market and fill it with little terracotta pots. Inside these pots you can place organic tea, bonsai plants or even better packets of organic seasonal seeds actually anything you wish. Brighten up the pots and tray by filling the gaps with glitter moss.

Floral Beauty:

Flowers are the best gift option for all occasions. Gift flowers with a twist of style. Choose two clear vases such that the smaller vase sits comfortably inside the bigger one. Now, place a flower arrangement in the inner vase and fill it with water to keep the flowers fresh. Place this small vase inside the bigger one. Fill the space between the two vases with candy buttons or jelly beans in bright color. Gift this versatile and stylish vase with a ribbon tied around.

Floral Beauty

Gourmet treats:

Gourmet treats are a blessing in disguise as these are loved by people of all age group. Customize a gourmet hamper with the mouth watering caramel apples, gourmet popcorns, and colorful frosting topped cookies which are equally delightful to the eyes.

Gourmet treats

Chill out basket:

The contents of this basket are perfect for all the hardworking people you know. Opt for an animal motif pitcher and place a bottle of premium wine inside it. The recipient of the gift will be more than elated to find a bottle of wine to unwind and relax after a smashing party.

Chill out basket

Organic Fruit Basket:

Give a basket full of health as Easter gift this time around. Pick the best organic fruits from a local organic fruit store and arrange them in a spring basket. Fill the gaps with glittered moss and gift this bountiful basket of celebration and make this Easter extra special.

Organic Fruit Basket

Happy Easter!!
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