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Easter Games

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Hosting an Easter celebration at your place, organizing an egg hunt alone won’t be sufficient to keep kids and adults both equally occupied. How about some fun and intriguing Easter Games to up the element of fun!! Everyone will have a blast of a time playing these games.


Easter Indoor Games

Blindfolded Games

  • There can be other blindfolded games like Pin the Bunny Tail—the most common game during Easter festivity. In this game, there is a crafted face of the bunny and the kids have to attach the tail at the right place.
Blindfolded Easter Fun Games

Art and Craft Games

  • Some of the Easter Indoor Games can include art and craft with Easter Eggs. These eggs are hard-boiled eggs. This competitive game is provided with colors, pipe cleaner stand, pom-poms, paper ears, and other things like scissors, glue and markers. You can make the little kids sit with these things and ask them to make whatever they can, animals, birds or bees. They can also color and decorate eggs or make mouse, bunny face etc. out of them. However, there is no winner. All of them should be given a gift after they finish doing their craft. This will keep them busy for hours while you can enjoy your celebration.
Art and Craft with Easter Eggs

Basket the Egg

  • Make two teams and number all the players of each team as one, two,three etc. Both the teams face each other with an egg lying in the circle before them. The referee calls out a number and players from both the teams come near the circle and try to either pick the egg first or run without getting basket’d by the other player. So what will you choose, take the egg or basket the person.
Easter Egg Indoor Game

Egg Toss

  • Draw three circles in a triangle pattern on the floor and allot points to each circle. Give six candy eggs to each player and ask them to toss these candy eggs into one of the circle. The participants get points for every egg that is tossed inside the circle and points are given according to the circle in which it lands. The one with maximum points wins.

Pass the Egg

  • This game is a variation of pass the parcel. Take a big plastic egg filled with some Easter goodies to make it heavy in weight. Make everyone sit in a circle and now play the music. Pass this egg from one person to other till the time the music is playing as soon as the music stops, the person holding the egg is out. Continue playing until one person is left; he/she receives all the goodies filled in the plastic egg.

Match the Eggs

  • Test the audio visual skills of precious ones with this game of Match the Eggs. Take ten plastic eggs. Fill each pair with Easter goodies like jelly beans, m&m’s etc. in this way you will have five pairs of eggs. Basket all these eggs and let the child put together the two eggs which sound similar when shaken. The one with the maximum number of correct matches wins an Easter prize.
Match the Eggs

Easter Quiz

  • Organize a little Easter quiz for the young minds and adults as well and get to know how much aware are they about Easter traditions and celebrations. The one with maximum correct answer wins a special Easter memento.
Easter Question Answer Quiz


Easter Outdoor Games

Easter Egg Hunt Game

  • The most important Easter Game for Kids during this festive occasion is the Easter Egg Hunt Game. In fact, this is the Easter traditional game or fun activity for these little kids. All you need to do is just hide chocolate eggs or plastic eggs filled with chocolates and candies around the yard of the home, and then start the hunt. Just hide one golden egg in a difficult hiding place, and give a special prize to the person who finds that one.

Easter Egg Hunt Game

Decorating and Designing of Eggs Game

  • Decorating and designing of Eggs is yet another Easter Game for Kids. They simply love these Easter sports. Even before the arrival of Easter, kids plan and make the Easter nest for the Easter Bunny to lay eggs. And then they decorate and color these eggs. In America, parents hide these decorated eggs in their backyard. The next morning the fun begins when these little kids have to search for these Easter eggs.
  • Decorating and Designing of Eggs Game

Relay Easter Egg Game

  • There are other active Easter Games for Kids like Relay Easter Egg Game. In this game, eggs are passed with spoons and finally who reaches the destination is declared as a winner.

Relay Easter Egg Game

Egg Roll

  • Start your very own Annual Easter egg Roll right in your backyard. Give all the participating kids a hard boiled Easter egg each. Ask all the kids to stand at the starting line and roll the egg with their fingers till the finishing line. The punch here is to use only one finger and the egg should not crack.

Egg Roll

Treasure Hunt

  • Create a treasure hunt for kids by leaving clues that leads to the final treasure chest. Enclose these hints in Easter baskets, plastic eggs, stick on the Easter bunny etc. Easter goodies customized with the child’s name will serve as an unforgettable Easter gift for them.

Egg in Spoon

  • This is a simple game of balancing an egg on the spoon and racing. The one who finishes the race first wins and the one who drops the egg is out of the game. Use hard boiled eggs to save yourself from the tedious efforts of cleaning.

Egg in Spoon

Egg Hop

  • Have fun this Easter evening by Hop a little jump a little!! Confused, Divide players into pairs and provide each team with two egg cutouts. One teammate stands on an egg cutout and the other teammate places the cutout in front in such a way that the participant standing on the first one moves on to the second placed card and then carries on moving forward in this fashion till they reach the finishing line. The one who finishes first wins. This game is all about coordination with your partner.

Egg Shackling

  • Popular Easter games like, 'Egg Shackling', 'pace egging' and 'egg rolling' are mainly played outdoors and enjoy an active local participation in every nook and corner of the major cities and towns of America and parts of Europe and Asia. It's traditionally believed that egg rolling is a symbolic game depicting the rolling away of stone at Jesus' grave. Various kid's crafts and games are held at local community clubs, the most popular one being the UN traditional Egg Easter roll held annually at National Zoo.

Easter Religious Games

Easter Religious Games are all related to Christianity and revolves around Bible and Jesus Christ. This is too informative for everyone. Children can learn so many things about their religion and faith and also about different customs and traditions related to Easter. One can learn the history and origin of Easter through the varied Easter Religious Games. The vocabulary and general knowledge of a person will be enhanced with his/her involvement in these enlightening educational games. These Easter Religious Games are equally challenging for both elders and youngsters.

Bible Trivia

This is a Quiz based on the events and characters in Bible. Check the plethora of Easter Religious Games that can find way into your Easter celebrations this year. Just check out: The sooner the correct answer is given the more points are awarded. However, there is negative point marking for a wrong answer and for asking each additional clue! So, gear up to play this game.

Rapid Fire Round

This is yet another fast-paced Easter Religious Games. Though, not directly related to Easter, this game is quite intellectual and tests the knowledge of a child or a player. In this game, players attempt to get their cards in hand in exact sequence as per the Bible books.

Word Find Challenge

This is yet another interesting and fantastic Easter Religious Game. In this game, players race against time and find out all the words related to Easter like cross, crown, Andrew, Apostles, Bartholomew, Christ, crucified, faith, God, holy, hope, James, Jesus, Jews, John, king, lamb, Mary, miracles, Paul, peace, Peter, redemption, risen, Romans, sacrifice, Savior, son, thieves, throne and so on. So, get ready! Each time you play the game, it's different! Enjoy!

Christian Crafts and Coloring Pages

This Easter Religious Game is suitable for small kids and school going children who have learnt different crafts. In this game, the children are given a theme like, make a beaded Jesus faith necklace, Easter lily handprints, or anything of this sort; and they are also provided with the materials. They have to make it within a stipulated time! A very good and perfect engagement for them! You can also arrange for coloring competition for these little bunnies. Ask them to color Christian Easter symbols or different scenes like Woman with Palms, Crown of Thorns, Jesus carrying the cross, Jesus’ tomb, Bread and Wine, to name a few. This will be really interactive for them and fun too.


Easter Cards in Different Languages