Easter Egg Ideas

Easter eggs are an integral part of Easter celebrations. A symbol of fertility and new beginning, Easter eggs usher in joyous moments into our Easter celebrations. It is a popular traditional game to hunt out Easter eggs, a lot of fun especially for the kids. Decoration of Easter eggs is a fun activity where you can pour out your creative ideas and make some real cool Easter eggs, stunning all your friends and family members with your skills.

If you want to borrow more Easter egg ideas then you can go for an online search, get a book on Easter egg craft ideas, or even consult with other creative minded people.

Given below are some interesting Easter egg making ideas which are sure to ignite the creative side of your mind

Easter egg characters

With blown out and washed eggs you can create some really ingenious characters, both human and animals. Get some funny eyes that wiggle or scarp materials to make some funny characters like bunnies, chicks, penguins, jokers, etc.

String or cord Easter egg

Wrap a fully blown balloon with strings dipped in glue or starch. When the strings dry up pop the balloon and you will have an egg shaped string object which can be used as a hanging to decorate your home.

Magnetic Easter egg

Cut a Styrofoam egg into two halves. Attach a magnet strip on the flat bottom of each half. Decorate the egg half with miscellaneous craft making items like crayons, ribbons, glitters, lace, etc.

Colored Easter eggs

You can make some lovely colored Easter eggs by dyeing them. Dyeing of Easter eggs is an old tradition yet you can use your imagination to make some wonderful Easter eggs. Using stickers, nail polish, wax, crayons and rubber bands on your Easter egg will not let the dye stand in those places creating unusual and lively design patterns. It is safe to use natural and food color dyes as generally children get involved in Easter egg decoration. You can even use acrylic paints to color the Easter eggs. Make sure that the painted eggs are not eaten by anyone.

Designs on hard boiled eggs

First boil your eggs and then put them in the oven. Once they are fully done, take them out and just touch them with your crayons. Just watch the lovely designs and melted colors emerge on the eggs.

Create a farm scene

Take a bit of grass and twigs and arrange them on a plate so that they resemble a farm. Modify each egg in the shape of an animal. For e.g, paint the face of a rabbit on an egg and use long pieces of paper which you can stick on the top two sides so that they resemble ears. In this way shape the other animals and you would truly get a farm scene.

Angry Birds themed eggs

This would surely appeal to gamers. Paint you favorite angry birds characters on the eggs. If you are planning to hold the Easter egg hunt, then these eggs would surely add more excitement to the game.

Designs on brown eggs

Get some brown eggs and use white paint to create some fabulous designs or characters on the eggs. These eggs can be used as decoration pieces on Easter day.

Eggs decorated with polka dots

Boil the eggs and then embellish them with microfine glitters or adhesive dots. These are easily available in the market. If you are not too keen on using microfine glitters then you can go in for decorative colored sugars.

A lovely basket

Dye your eggs in pink color and after the color has dried draw seeds on them with with a gold paint pen. Attach a wire on top of the eggs and attach paper leaves to the wire. The strawberry eggs are ready. Now place them in a basket and place it in the middle of your dinning table.

These are just a few ideas. Using your creativity you can make some wonderful Easter eggs which would add fun and joy to Easter holidays. Keep surfing Dgreetings for remarkable Easter Egg ideas.

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Last Updated: 20th March, 2017