Last Updated: 20th April, 2019

Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is the time when families come together for celebrations and feasts. The celebration would remain incomplete without the gifts for the loved ones. Easter baskets have a long history of being the most loved and traditional gift for the season.

Given below are some Easter basket ideas that will never fail to delight the recipient.

Kid Friendly Gardening Theme Basket:

This year, instead of giving away some regular basket, try to give an unconventional basket to the kids. Fill your basket with plastic gardening toys and a little wagon and gift it to the kids. Also, do not forget to add candies which will add more charm to the basket.

Easter Egg Baskets:

The Easter eggs represent rebirth and new beginning. Kids specially enjoy an Easter egg hunt on this day. Fill your Easter basket with decorated chocolate eggs and plastic eggs filled with candies and jelly beans. You can also hide them in different places and engage the kids on an Easter egg hunt and have some fun.

Easter Egg Baskets

Gift Card Baskets:

You can fill your Easter basket with different gift coupons and cards. You can add gift cards from electronics, garment, and toy stores, salons and spas, discount coupons from various stores etc. This is a useful yet exciting Easter basket idea.

Easter Gift Card Baskets

Easter Basket Flowers:

Flowers help us express our love and faith and thus they make an excellent choice for your Easter basket. Lilies are considered the flower of Easter. But apart from that, you can also add the fresh blossoms of the season to add color and vibrancy to your Easter basket. Tulip, roses, daisies are regarded as Easter favorites as well.

Easter Flower Basket

Easter Basket Treats:

A basket full of Easter treats like cakes, and cookies is always well received by one and all. You can make your Easter basket really special by filling it up with different flavored cakes, cup cakes, and cookies. You can make your Easter basket even more special by decorating it in innovative ways. Paint it in bright colors and wrap colorful ribbons along the handles of the basket. You can also attach cut-outs of flowers, bows, and Easter bunnies to match the vibrant mood of the festival.

Easter Basket Treats

Easter Gaming Baskets:

What is the better Easter gift for a gaming freak than a basket full of newest games? Find out the latest hot games in the market and fill your Easter basket with these. However, while doing that you may make sure that the receiver donít have them already.

Easter Gaming Basket

Easter Books Baskets:

Encourage the reading habit of the kids by gifting them books for Easter. Make a collection of fairy tales, adventure stories, sci-fi books, and general knowledge books depending upon the taste of the person whom you are giving the gift.

Easter Fruit Baskets:

Since Easter is celebrated during spring time itís also the best time to enjoy the fresh produce of the year. Fill your Easter basket with fresh and exotic spring time fruits. It also makes a healthy gift choice for all your loved ones.

Fruit Basket for Easter

Assorted Easter Baskets:

If you want to fill your Easter basket with all the items cherished by your dear ones then an assorted Easter basket is a great gift. Fill your basket with items like Ghirardelli Assorted Dark Chocolates, Cocoa Pete's Berry Berry Dangerous, La Tempesta Chocolate Macadamia Nut Biscotti, Dark Chocolate Mocha Coffee Beans, Carrís Premiere Cookie Collection, Brent & Sam's Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies, Harry and David's Milk Chocolate Truffles, Lindor Assorted Truffles - Milk & Dark Chocolate, a bottle of wine and the like.

Assorted Easter Baskets

Personalized Easter Basket:

Nothing can touch the heart of a loved one better than a basket full of personalized gifts. You can go for personalized t-shirts, coffee mugs, pen stands, pendants and bracelets, rings, personal calendar, bags and key chains and surprise your family and friends in a nice way.

Spa Baskets:

If you want your Easter basket to be unconventional then you can fill it up with toiletries and spa products such as scrubs, face packs, massage oils, aromatic candles, and incense sticks etc.If you want to make the Easter basket special for kids, add some floating toys and colorful bath drops to it.

Easter Spa Baskets

Gourmet Easter Baskets:

An Easter basket full of delicious gourmet items is considered a sure favorite. You can also add Easter recipe cards along with the Easter basket to make it a complete gift. Fill the basket with healthy snacks, chocolate toffee almonds, triple chocolate chip cookies, nuggets, sparkling apple cider, butter flavored dipping pretzels, raspberry chocolate, freshly baked Easter cookies, dried fruits, and chocolates with exotic flavors.

Gourmet Easter Baskets

Easter Hobby Baskets:

Basket filled with hobby kits will be appreciated by young and adults alike. You can add clay modeling kit, origami kit, seeds and peapods, glass painting kits, and embroidery kits to the basket.

Homemade Easter Gift Baskets

Easter gift baskets can also be made at home. Once you have decided to make a homemade gift basket, you need to buy the components in advance. Baskets are available at the supermarket, so get one, and start decorating! Once you have placed straw, streamers, and colored paper at the bottom of the basket, you can fill it with the Easter gifts that you have bought for the recipient.

Homemade Easter Gift Basket Ideas

Ready-Made Easter Gift Baskets

These are the gift baskets that are readily available in stores. Some of them have an assortment of goodies, such as candies, chocolates, crackers, fruit juices, jelly beans, marshmallows, and similar treats. They are often attractively decorated with colorful tissue paper or foil, and can even include a stuffed animal or toy.

In some cases, you will also come across baskets that have more traditional Easter gifts. These may include chocolate eggs and bunnies, or candies and cookies in various festive or religious shapes.

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