Last Updated: 20th April, 2019

Easter Games for Adults

Easter is one of the great festivals of the year.. Not only does Easter ends winter, but it is also the end of Lent the forty days observation the time of preparation for Holy Week. During this week the entire Christendom recalls the events related to the crucifixion of Christ. As it is believed that Jesus was resurrected so as to grant an eternal life for His people, the festival is celebrated with much fervor, dedication, enthusiasm and zest. And hence, merrymakers throw grand Easter parties for their family and friends. With parties in mind, there are always many Cool Easter Games organized for the guests for their entertainment and amusement.

Easter Games for Adult

Egg a Friend

  • It's a super fun game that involves hiding a miniature sponge egg which is extra light and can be attached to anybody's clothes or hair. Hand the sponge egg to the first "egger". This person must stealthily attach the egg to a fellow guests clothes, hand bag, hair etc. The "egger" moves to the centre of the place and starts the countdown in a loud voice. The guests check themselves for the egg and if the egg is found and detached before the end of the countdown - the "egger" will have to try harder next time! And if the count reaches zero and the guest isn't able to find the egg - this person becomes the "egger". It keeps everyone in suspense and in a great party mood as well.
Easter Games for Adults

Pick An Egg

  • Pick-an-egg is perfect for breaking the ice amongst the guests. Place a bowl filled with jelly beans in the centre of the table and hand everyone a straw and a tiny bowl. Ask everyone to pick the beans with the help of a straw and collect them in the bowl. The one with the maximum number of jelly beans wins. You can even use chopsticks to add more fun to this game. Once the game is over let the guests enjoy their jelly beans.
Easter Pick An Egg Game


  • Ask your guests who likes chocolate. When you have a few volunteers, place a chocolate dipped marshmallow egg in a bowl in front of them. Explain that this is a race to see who can eat the egg first. The rule is to grab the egg with the teeth, no hands are allowed. Add a twist to the game by filling each bowl with whipped cream. The winner is the first person to find and eat the egg. Don't forget to record the whole hilarious event.
Easter Egg-in-soup Game

Easter Bocce Egg

  • Dye Two sets of Easter eggs, with four eggs in each set with same color. Use a hard-boiled egg painted in gold as a jack for this game. Make two teams and choose one of the players from either of the teams to toss the golden egg into the center of playing area. Now, both the teams take turns to toss one of their four eggs to the golden targeted egg. After both teams have tossed the eggs, award a point to the team that is closest to the golden egg. Team which has one of the eggs touching the golden egg gets candy points. The first team to get 09 points wins the game.
Easter Bocce Egg Game

Egg Toss

  • Use raw eggs to play this game. Divide the players in three or more teams, and make each player stand two feet away from their partners. Give an egg to one player from each team. On the blow of the whistle, each team tosses the egg from one player to the other. A team gets eliminated if the egg hits the ground or if it breaks. The game continues till only one team is left.
Easter Egg Toss Game

Don't forget to provide all the winners with an Easter Gift and make them feel special.
Happy Easter!!