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Easter Origin

Easter, also known as the movable feast, is the most important holiday in the Christian calendar. This festival celebrates the resurrection of Christ from the dead, following the crucifixion. According to the New Testament, once a lady named Mary Magdalene visited the tomb where Jesus was buried and found it empty. An angel visited and told her that Jesus has risen. Since that time Easter is celebrated worldwide. The day of Easter usually falls on the first Sunday after the full moon that occurs on or just after the vernal equinox which is based on the lunisolar calendar. It is not a fixed date on the Gregorian calendar. Easter is basically the culmination of the Passion of Jesus which is preceded by Lent and is a forty day period of fasting, prayer, and penance. Lent is the time when the Christian community fasts or give up a particular type of food to remember the time when Jesus fasted for forty days. It is usually observed in the month of February or March. This year Easter will be celebrated on April 21, 2019.


Easter is celebrated worldwide with different traditions. Several churches hold Easter services celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from his crucifixion.

People exchange Easter Lily which is a symbol of resurrection. It is believed lilies are the joyful symbol of elegance, beauty, spirituality, hope, and life. It adds elegance, grace, and fragrance to millions of homes and churches during the spring time.

Easter eggs are a major part of the celebration of Easter. An egg associated with Easter is a symbol of fertility. People exchange beautifully decorated eggs on Easter. They are made using hard-boiled eggs dipped in colored dyes. These days eggs made up of plastic are also used for gifting. Some people fill chocolates in the eggs or make chocolate eggs for gifting. Easter eggs are also used for playing games. Egg hunt, egg rolling, egg tapping etc. are some of the popular games. An Easter basket which is full of Easter eggs is also a preferable gift.

Easter Bunny is a symbol of fertility and new life and is a popular gift during the time of Easter. People give bunnies made of chocolates, plastic or soft toys as gifts to each other. Beautifully decorated Easter bunnies are trending in today's time.

Celebrations worldwide

People in Italy place palm leaves and olive branches outside their houses. The Pope addresses the crowds in St Peter’s Square in Rome on the day of Easter.

People in Hungary believe that water has a cleaning, healing and fertility-inducing effect so they follow “sprinkling” tradition on Easter. Boys sprinkle perfume, cologne or water over a young woman’s head, and ask for a kiss.

In the US, People celebrate Easter with full fervor and enthusiasm. The President hosts the annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn on Easter Monday. Children play several games which involve rolling of a colored hard-boiled egg with a large serving spoon.

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