Dhanteras Special Gifts

Over the last couple of years Dhanteras gifts have created a niche for themselves in the Diwali markets. Earlier, the focus was on buying only Diwali gifts, however there's a considerable increase in Dhanteras gifts sales, particularly amongst the affluent. The reasons are many, starting out of course with the strengthening economy of India to the superstitions of the mercantile community. The festival Dhanteras marks the official start of the Diwali festivities and is a significant festival amongst the traders, merchants and the mercantile community at large.

'Dhan' means wealth, and people celebrate this festival by performing a ritual Puja thanking the gods for bestowing them with so much wealth and prosperity and seeking blessings for the future as well.

It is considered extremely auspicious to buy Gold, silver or utensils on this day, as it is believed to be fortuitous to introduce new 'Dhan' to the house.

Gold and silver gifts are the most common Dhanteras gifts for obvious reasons. Jewelers all over the country report increased sales, as people get busy buying gold and silver for themselves and others. However, fact remains that not everybody can buy gold, so the nest best option is to buy home decor items like cushion covers, racks and holders etc, and utensils too are a great option.