Last Updated: 11th December, 2019

Christmas Messages


Christmas is that time of the year to spread holiday cheer to those you love! Here is a collection of Christmas wishes and Short Christmas messages for you to sent for your family and friends.

Christmas Messages

Merry Christmas

May this Christmas sparkle and shine,
May all of your wishes and dreams come true,
And may you feel this happiness all year round.
Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to my favorite person in the world.
May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer.

Christmas Messages

May the blessing of His love,
The comfort of His joy,
and the shelter of His peace warm your heart with glad rejoicing this Christmas Season.

On your Christmas time,
I wish you many blessings, much happiness, and much more love.

May the blessings of Christ be with you,
May God show you the right way,
May holy Angels guide you,
And keep you safe every day.

May you continue praying
May you continue prospering
Merry Christmas!

You are so real
That dictionaries need to
Tweak their meaning
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages

Merry Christmas!

It is Christmas time again
Your love literally makes time fly
Merry Christmas!

Pack gifts
Unpack fun
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages

Merry Christmas
Holiday Blessings to you and yours.

Will try to be with you
Keep spirits high
Keep spirits ready
Merry Christmas!

Christmas is fun
So much to do, so little time
Miss You. Merry Christmas!

Anecdotes and photographs
of our Christmas together
are priceless.
Merry Christmas!

I just used some smart tech
This Christmas Gets You Your Love
Merry Christmas!

Future belongs to those who work to own it
Future belongs to you
Merry Christmas!

You make the yummiest Christmas Cakes in the world.
Save some for me.
Merry Christmas!

You are too good to be real.
You are too real to be fake.
Your Goodness Flows.
Merry Christmas!

Gifts brought by you last Christmas were impeccable. Expecting the same from you –
Merry Christmas!


Thank you for your love through the year.
Merry Christmas!

Keep your socks ready on the fireplace as it's Christmas time.
Have a blessed one!

Christmas Messages

Merry Christmas and warmest wishes for a New year.

Wish Santa blesses you with a wonderful gift this year which you always dream of.
Merry Christmas!

May you have laughter, goodwill, and good times with family this festive season.
Merry Christmas!

The bells ring for all those who truly believe in the spirit of Christmas.
Merry Christmas!

All holidays bring cheer but none is like Christmas,
it is the season to just let things roll and continue rolling with them.
Merry Christmas.

The season of warm wishes, goodwill and celebrations is here. Wishing you all the good things today and forever.
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages

Merry Christmas!
May this season of love warm your home
May this brighten your roads with hope
Merry Christmas to you and your dear folks!

May you get several moments and memories that you will cherish throughout the coming year.
Merry Christmas!

On Christmas... the people we care about are always close to heart.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Hope this warm holiday greeting will show that you're thought about so often - and right now,
especially on Christmas, you are on my mind.

Christmas isn't about gifts large and small, under the tree. It's about who is in our hearts - the people we call family, whom we care about, and connect with. That's what makes sharing the holidays so special...

This is the season of celebrations and spreading goodwill to all… This is the season for wishing all good things to you. Merry Christmas!

May the true meaning of Christmas fills your life with love.

I pray a lifetime of happiness and gaiety for you.
Heartiest wishes for Christmas!


May the spirit of Christmas be with you throughout the New Year.

Have a holly, jolly Christmas!

Thankful for your patronage
Accept our blessings this Christmas season.

Christmas Messages

Merry Christmas

To a joyful present and a well-remembered past,
Happy holidays and a Merry Christmas.

Forget all your worries and be ready for every moment of joy this season - Merry Christmas.

Christmas is all about dedication and happiness –
Happy Christmas to you.

Special Christmas greetings to a person who is just so very special.
We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

May the joy of Christmas abide with you always
- yes to the end.

It's the month of love and laughter, the season of carols and joy - Wishing you a blessed Christmas.

The blessings of peace, the beauty of hope, the spirit of love, the comfort of faith, may these be your gifts this Christmas season.

Happy birthday Jesus!

May Christ bless you with all the happiness and success you deserve! Merry Christmas!

Every memory of this time is to be savored by us.
Merry Christmas.

Christmas Messages

Tis the season!
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas filled with memories you'll always treasure.
Merry Xmas wishes to you!

All the good wishes that you could imagine is what I wrap and present to you this season.

Oh! Let us rejoice and celebrate the birth of our savior - Happy Christmas.

Let us rejoice with praise and prayers – Merry Christmas.

Your kind soul is a gift; I wish every desire of your heart comes true. Merry Christmas!

1. Wishing you a season that's full of memories and moments you'll remember all the way to the New Year.
Merry Christmas!

Time to make wonderful memories, a reason to be glad. Yes, it is the time of celebrations!
Merry Christmas!

I can hear the jingle bells ringing, can you?
Merry Christmas, love!
May your Christmas tree be brighter than ever this year.

Christmas Messages

May God bless you with f festive, loving and peaceful celebration this Christmas and all throughout the year.
Merry Christmas!

May you have Peace, the spirit of Christmas, Hope, the gladness of Christmas and Love, the heart of Christmas. Have a fun-filled weekend.

May you get
What you seek.
Merry Christmas!

Wishing that the Christmas snow and the splendor of this holiday season bring joy to your life and fill your heart with warmath and happiness.
Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a favourite time to remind you how much you mean and to pray you’ll be blessed in this beautiful season and all through a bright new year.
Merry Christmas!

Wishing you lots of joy this Christmas. May the essence of Christmas remain with you throughout the year.

May colorful bells ring around you, angels dressed in white gather around you and wish you peace.
Have a blissful and Merry Christmas.

Christmas Messages

Hope your Christmas is decorated with the laughter of loved ones, the warmth of good cheer, and every joy of the season.
Merry Christmas!

May this day bring never-ending joy in your and your family's life.
Happy Christening!

Snowing galore, colorful bells ringing Angels with white wings gather chiming Singing in chorus, as they must, Wishing you peace, joy and a blissful Merry Christmas

May your Christmas celebrations be incredibly festive Hope you love all the gifts you receive May Santa shower you with luck and I hope you smile cheerily while
reading my Xmas message.

Christmas Messages

Jesus is the reason for this blessed season.
Wishing you good health and happiness this Christmas.

I hope spirit of Christmas warms your home and life equally. May this Christmas bring enormous joy in your life and carry you forward in a New Year filled with lasting happiness.

With mistletoe hung for all to see
Rocking round the Christmas tree
Carols bring joy and cheer
Hope and faith in every prayer
Merry Christmas Dear.

Whatever is beautiful, whatever is meaningful, whatever brings happiness, may it be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year. Merry Christmas!

To give our Father glory in the highest Oh come all joyful, faithful and triumphant Christ, the Lord is here To bring us ppiness and cheer
Merry X-Mas.

'Tis the season to keep in touch with those we value very much! Merry Christmas!

I always knew you are the right person in my life, thank you for being around. Merry Christmas!

The comfort of home and unity of our nation bless your spirit this holiday season.

Christmas Messages

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

May the new season bring you immense happiness and joy. May your home always be filled with laughter.
Merry Christmas!

You have a heart of gold
That sheds true happiness
May success be always yours
Merry Christmas.

May you have the gift of faith, the blessing of hope, peace, and His love on Christmas and always.

We're sending our very best wishes and we're adding this special thought too…an extra Merry Christmas for you. Thank you and happy holidays!

There's never a dull moment when you're around You gladden our hearts and bring joy. Wish you a Merry Christmas overflowing with love.

Your guidance makes things easier for all of us, Bringing great rewards and success
Merry X-mas.

Christmas Messages

You're wishes a Christmas that's just as one-of-kind as you are!

You are so special, you are so unique, All that I truly want for you is serenity and peace.
Merry Christmas

Glad we made it through this wonderful year Looking forward to a continued relationship Sending warm Christmas and New Year greetings!

Thanks for being a wonderful co-worker
Making my stresses tolerable
Merry Christmas to you.

Love you my wonderful children, You deserve the best that Christmas can bring, Wishing the best for the season.

Greatly appreciate your generously shared expertise and experience, Wishing you and yours peace and abundance,
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages

Merry Christmas from across the miles.
There's nothing I'd like more than to be there with you sharing laughter and stories and celebrating Christmas.

Thanks for being my Santa oh daddy dear Showering me with gifts and presents I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ushering in; the season of warmth and hope
Belonging and fun
We wish the family peace and repose
Love and wisdom
Merry Christmas.

Merriment and joy
Awesome gifts by the tree
Celebrate your Christmas
Smiling with glee
Merry Christmas.

Christmas Messages

May you be blessed with all the joy that life can bring
Merry Christmas

May Santa visit you today and forever
with bundles of Joy and Happiness to cheer you all today and forever.

Christmas brings new smiles, new cheer
It is a festival of share and care
There is hope and faith in every prayer
Merry Christmas.

May the Yuletide spirit usher in Peace, Joy and Love
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Count your blessings, for the Lord is here
Showering love, peace and cheer
Merry X-Mas to one and all and a happy New Year.

May the sweet magic of Christmas
Wrap you with love and warmth
Bless you with a long and healthy life
May your heart glow with cheer and
May love spread to all near and dear.

Forgiveness to enemy, tolerance to opponent, give your heart to friends. Make every moment merry for all... sending Christmas greetings full of love and cheer to you all.

A delightful, magical and awesome Christmas to you sweetheart because you are as special as the season.

A loving Christmas wish is sent to you To make all dreams come true May happiness and mirth abound And be yours throughout the year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! To gladden your heart and fulfill every desire.

Christmas Messages

This special wish is just for you...
And so's the love that's in it, too!
Have a Merry Christmas!

May the Christmas cheer
Great love ... much care
And my earnest prayer
Reach you my dear
Throughout the year
Have a happy n prosperous New Year.

Best wishes are sent your way
May you find happiness each day
Wish you wisdom health and cheer
Wish you a wonderfully Happy New Year.

May the light of Christmas shine forever in your heart.

Christmas Messages

Count your blessings,
sing your Christmas carols,
open your gifts, and make a wish under the Christmas tree.
May you have a Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. So, this holiday season, I share my blessings with you!

Wishing you a fun-filled and a joyful Christmas.

I know that you've wrapped all the gifts, the only thing missing is a Christmas greeting from me – Merry Christmas!

The time to celebrate is here again – Christmas is upon us. Merry Christmas!

Christ's love for mankind reminds me of your love for people – Merry Christmas – cheers.

Christmas Messages

Your innocence is bliss Christmas Greetings!

Christmas comes once a year, may the happiness of the season be with you every day.

Wishing you a Christmas filled with lots of fun. Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the party.

I love you so much dear! May we never part.
Merry Christmas!

May the gladness of Christmas buy you peace,
love, and joy.

Christmas always brings sweet memories, may it continue forever in our lives – Merry Christmas.

The holiday magic is here - may it bring to you beautiful things - Merry Christmas

May the peace of heaven fill your heart this season
- Happy Christmas.

Another time to make countless new memories with you- Merry Christmas.

God's gift is plenteous and in abundance, and you are a perfect description - Merry Christmas.

Christmas Messages

May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill.
Merry Christmas!

Cheers and lots of laughter to your home this season-
Merry Christmas.

You are special and unique- may your Christmas be as special as you are.

Christmas Messages

At Christmastime, and all through the year, may God's love touch everything you do and remind you you're forever blessed.
Merry Christmas!

From us to you, we wish you a joyful and
wonderful Christmas.

I wish you faith, love, hope, and all the good tidings that come along with Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a merry time for billions (and helps make billions for retailers too) - Merry Christmas!

Time for gift-giving, time for traditional feast -
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages

Hoping the holidays bring you warm, happy moments that make your heart smile all year long!
Merry Christmas!

I wish you peace, the beauty of hope, and the spirit of love this season. Merry Christmas!

May your Christmas be blessed and beautiful in every sense, wishing you a Merry Christmas.

May the present times and treasures become the golden memories of tomorrow.
Merry Christmas.

Peace and goodwill to you and your loved ones this Christmas season.

Christmas Messages

Keep loving me Merry Christmas!

I wish you a sparkling Christmas with moments of joy, love, laughter and goodwill.

On this Christmas, I want happiness and joy to fill your home and life. May you have a wonderful Christmas.

God's gift is always perfect and without blemish, and you are that lovely gift. Merry Christmas!

You are special, and you are unique; may your Christmas be also as special and unique as you are!
Merry Christmas

I just can't count in how many ways you have helped me, may you keep doing that. Merry Christmas!

May Santa bring the best gift for you, which we call joy.

May the peace and joy of Christmas live in your heart all through the year.

I wish you and your family a colorful Christmas. Enjoy like there is no tomorrow.

Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and a healthy,
Happy New Year.

Decorate you porch for Santa is coming to your home to wish you
Merry Christmas.

May Lord Jesus bless you and make all your dreams come true this season.
Merry Christmas!

On this Christmas, I wish you lots of love, joy and good health. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages

Tis the season to keep in touch with those we value very much!
Merry Christmas!

May your home be filled with cheers and lots of laughter this season -
Merry Christmas.

On this Christmas I wish that happiness and joy fills your home and life. May you have a wonderful X'mas.

Christmas is the time for festivities and spreading love.
Merry Christmas to you and your dear ones!

Hope your holiday season
is fun and festive.
Merry Christmas My Dear!!

Your love for others reminds me of the love that Christ has.
Merry Christmas!

May all your days be merry and bright and may your Christmas be white!
Merry Christmas!

Christmas comes but once a year,
Bringing with it a plethora of colors and flavors,
May your Christmas also be one of happiness and abundance -
replete with the notes of laughter
and good cheer!

I wish Santa brings you the gift of never ending happiness this Christmas!
May you and your family be blessed abundantly.
Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Wish you a Merry Christmas and may this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life!

Christmas Messages

The Magic of the Holidays never ends and its greatest of gifts are family and friends.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

You are special, you are unique; may your Christmas be also as special and unique as you are! Merry Christmas.

May God shower his love on all of you. May Christmas be a time of peace for you. Wishing you Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas.

You are the true spirit of Christmas,
never judgmental and always by my side.
Merry Christmas, My Love!

You are as special as the season; sweetheart
Delightful, magical and awesome
Merry Christmas to you.

The biggest gift ever received this season is the gift of your heart - Merry Christmas.

There is no Christmas without a gift, and you
are a gift to me.

We appreciate your partnership and wish you a wonderful holiday season
Merry Christmas ... looking forward to working together.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from the depth of my heart. May the new season bring good fortune for you.

May our bonds become stronger in the new season and may we walk the path of prosperity.
Wishing you Merry Christmas!

May your Christmas be blessed and
Beautiful in every sense,
Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

Christmas Messages

Hoping that your Christmas brings a season full of happy things!
Merry Christmas!

As the holiday season is upon us,
With festive cheer all around,
Sending out a warm wish to you,
For a joyous Christmas time.

Wishing you on the joyful occasion of
Christmas, with positivity and a note of cheer, may the festive season be One of contentment, and it last Right through the Year!

May God's blessing be with you not just on this Christmas,
but all round the year!
Merry Christmas!

Christmas is upon us...the season of merrymaking and
celebrations galore!
May the musical notes of loved one's laughter
fill your heart and home not only today but forever more!

Thanks for all you help; it was a pleasure working with you.
We wish you and your family a spectacular holiday season.

May God bless you richly throughout this holiday season.

May His love surround you at Christmas-time and always.

May all your dreams come true,
May you always be blessed.
And all your worries run away from you!

Remembering you as one of my blessings during this wonderful holiday season!

Christmas Messages

There is no time more appropriate than Christmas to say thank you and to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas is Independence Day for sinners.

Share the love of Jesus this Christmas season.

Sending warm Christmas greetings to you and your family. May you have a wonderful Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Bells are ringing and everyone is singing, It's Christmas! It's Christmas! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year.

Christmas is the time of the year when people of all religions come together to worship Jesus Christ..