Last Updated: 27th November, 2020

Letter From Santa

As the Christmas season approaches, Send letters from Santa to your loved ones and make their Christmas memorable.

Letters From Santa
Dear Sarah,
Hello there my child! 
I was so glad to get your letter, my child you do have such lovely handwriting !
let me share a secret ...I do enjoy reading those letters more which are written in neat handwriting ;)
Maybe this is also why I remembered to get you your gift before hand ....Books are so close to my heart , ho ho ho!
I can see you enjoy reading them as much as I do, and Fairy Tales are your favorite!
I will get you 12 story books in all, one for each month of the year !
In return can I please ask you for a favor, can you Sarah, please share these books with all your friends so that they can also discover the magical world of fairy-tales:)
See you soon with the sack-load of books!!!
Take Care till then
Love, Santa.

Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas Dear!

Christmas season is here and it's time to celebrate. I am a bit busy distributing gifts but it's also so much fun to do all this work. I am sorry I wasn't able to reply to your letters as I was taking a trip around the world, but I want to let you know that I have read all your letters. And, I have personally taken time to reply to you. I am so proud to know that you have scored really good grades. I will make sure elves deliver you the right gift tonight.

Remember, always be a good person and go to bed early every day.

Santa Claus


Letters From Santa

Dear Kimberly,
Hope you are doing great !
I know just how much you love ballet-dancing my child, and I also that you want to become a world famous ballet dancer when you grow up. I understand you put in hours of patient practice at ballet-class and that your teacher and family are so proud of your talent. That's wonderful !

For Christmas, I will be sending you a beautiful snow-white silk ballet costume, just like the one worn in the famous ballet The Swan Lake. I hope it fits you :) 

Do keep up the dedicated practice as your talent will take you far my child,
God Bless You Always,

Love Santa

Hey, there my child!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I have been really busy preparing for my trip to the North Pole on Christmas so wasn't able to take out time to meet you. But, I wanted to make sure to personally write to you and tell you that I am so proud of you. I have received this letter from you which I was so glad to look at. I have made sure that I provide you with the toy......... you made a request for.
Always remember to be good and eat green vegetables. Never disrespect your parents and quarrel with friends.
Also, remember to complete your homework, my child.

Lots of love!
Merry Christmas!!


Letters From Santa
Dear Jack,
Hey, How have you been little fella!
Christmas time is almost around the corner, and like most kids you also must have a wish-list in your mind, and I know that one thing that makes you smile the most:)
This Christmas I will be making arrangements for granting you your heart's desire in the form of something furry, soft and fluffy with bright eyes and a shiny nose! Yes, you guessed right Jack, you will be having a pet puppy for Christmas at last! You know why, because you have been a good boy and have learned to be responsible and reliable. So now you are fit to be the proud owner of a puppy, do take very good care of it, and send me pics as well!!
See you soon with your four legged present.

Love, Santa.

How are you doing my child? I got your letter last week and it was a pretty long one. You have been a good boy all through the year, studies hard, obeyed your parents and did not get into fistfights with your classmates. I am really impressed with your behavior. I have made a list of all the presents you want this Christmas. I may not be able to meet all your demands, but am hopeful that I would meet quite a few of them. I will meet you in a few days and in the meantime continue with your good behavior. See you soon.

With love from Santa